Accumulating Wealth On The Steem Blockchain With SMT Bounties And Steem Monsters

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The technological advantage of Steem versus most other cryptocurrencies is enormous. The transaction speed and cost is only challenged by EOS so far and the dApps for Steem have even higher usage than those of Bitcoin and Ethereum. Steem is indeed the gateway blockchain for the masses that, despite all the flaws of the website Steemit, allows an easy access to the crypto world.

I strongly believe that Steem is one of the most advanced blockchain technologies out there and that communities, dApps, SMTs and proof-of-ownership for virtual goods stored on Steem will become incredibly valuable in the future. This means that all assets we can accumulate now will add to our personal financial abundance over the next few years.

Here are my favorite Steem-based assets that I personally value and believe that have a future:

Appics With XAP Token (SMT)


@appics were the first SMT that released its plans shortly after the official Steem announcement in the summer 2017. The start-up is cloning Instagram with a beautiful mobile app and went the traditional ways including ICO, finding private investors and going from one crypto and business event to the next over the past year. They had a pretty successful ICO and the Beta version of Appics is already available and looks great. They also introduced the first bounty system for SMTs and started a whole movement.

Actifit With AFIT Token (SMT)


No other project is so bold and rewards users for what they do every day anyway than @actifit: moving! The mobile app uses the phones sensors and creates a daily movement score that can be posted to the Steem blockchain. From a minimum treshold upwards all users are being rewarded with a Steem upvote and AFIT bounties. The required Steem Power comes from delegators like myself who currently earn a nearly 1:1 daily payout of AFIT tokens. In the future the app will cooperate with wearables like smart soles and watches and use further forms of measuring the activity.

Steemhunt With HUNT Token (SMT)


The most professional app launch with a fully functionable website and inspiring bounty system including a 1:1 airdrop on Steem Power holders came from @steemhunt. The concept is wild but looks effective: The users hunt for new products and post a link to the original product with a small review. That creates an affiliate link that the Steemhunt company can use to get a share from every sale coming via their website. The Hunt Level is an algorithm that calculates the users value to Steemhunt based on their activity. It results in different upvotes from the platform for posting new products and commenting on other peoples hunts (for better search engine optimization (SEO)).

Steem Monsters With Collectible Cards


The impressive growth of @steemmonsters shows how much demand there is for proof-of-ownership for limited virtual goods, in this case for an online fantasy trading card game. You can buy virtual booster packs with 5 randomized cards of different rarities in form of Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary plus special gold variants of each card. Unlike with similar centralized games the Steem Monsters are stored on the public Steem blockchain and make the entire distribution of cards transparent. The integrated market reflects the huge demand from gamers and speculaters alike. Each card ownership is like any other physical collectible out there but with the advantage of being digital tradable.


These are examples of assets that you can accumulate now for cheap or even free. Nobody really knows what the future brings but I see so much potential for Steem in general through what these four projects based upon Steem have already achieved before ANY OF THEM have a ready product. They are either still waiting for the SMT protocol to be released in March 2019 or, in case of Steem Monsters, waiting for the final game to roll out. I think the next year(s) will be very interesting. Until then I continue to accumulate all these magic beans that might change our lifes forever.

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You are right! No one knows what Steem Monsters will be worth in the future, some are so exepensive! It is a truly fun item to collect as well!
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I might give @appics a try. I have used steepshot a couple of times but it has some bugs I don't want to deal with.

Thanks for the Info.

Funny, almost my exact same picks I wrote about yesterday :) besides appics that I don't have and air clinic that I do!

brother, we are on discord waiting...

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Ok, I will

Those are great projects and I like the concept of actifit....

Time to collect them all i am on a hunt :D

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