I want to Turn #Boombox into a Smart Media Token with Steem Engine! (Tag CLOSED until then)

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Did I phrase that right? I hope I did. Well my goal is to allow others to double dip on profits when using this tag. Also I've noticed that most tags used are their own token. If you are lost there is how it woks

You make an article tagging something like #weedcash in a marijuana related post. Then you notice after visiting https://steem-engine.com/ and logging in with your Steem account, you have some extra sub tokens in your wallet called "Weedcash" These tokens hold their own value which is converted to Steem or Steem Dollars and so on. But I bet a lot of you already know that. #Tunes #Jahm and #Sonicgroove are all good examples of what I believe are Smart Media Tokens that contribute to helping the artist or fan of whatever music they share to earn more! I want #boombox to be in that same category.

Until this becomes a token on Steem Engine, the #boombox tag is closed

For a long while I had this profile resteem music that was placed in the #boombox tag. Then I shifted it to my alternate accounts @orbidrtop & @fortpeacesteemit to do the resteeming because I wanted to draw my eyes to my content too. My @elderson profile always makes an effort to up-vote everyone who posts in my music tag. As mentioned above a lot of Steemit users choose to post in tags that are on the Steem Engine. I understand this completely. Especially sense we have seen a huge downfall in the price of Steem. From $1.20 to$ .20 cents in a year? That is not fun. But SMTs are. .....If that is what they are 🕵️‍♂️ I've seen the pattern change quickly. And this time following the trend is going to save my cause.

boombox token.jpg


I created a Museician Bridge token to cross chain my token on the WAVES blockchain I was going to ask if you wanted in on it... I'm not trying to tribe my token. I'm trying to turn it into a real currency. The possibilities are endless.

I might yeah. I've been in a slump lately but bouncing back up

Word let's get this money

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