SMT announced

in smt •  4 months ago

The long awaited SMT has been finally announced. March 24, 2019 is the day it gets turned out into the wilds with us animals.

What is a SMT?

A SMT is a protocal to allow super fast transactions on the steem block chain like the ERC 20s and should have fully customizeable tokens from the users like proof of brain, founder tokens, and many more endless possibilities.

What does this mean?

Well once the SMT are launched it means anyone in the world can release their own tokens on a state of the art block chain. Get ready for some chillicoins to shill

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If this really happen the wold will change to the better


Lets hope so. I can't wait. A half a year seems like a lifetime at this point.

this is really a good news. we will eagerly wait for it. this will bring a great change in this digital world


Oh yeah totally, you are lucky to have found Steem before SMT is launched. Imagine every person in the world can now have their own token!

This i like the folks who found mined and bought ETH when it was $1 before Etherheum Smart Contracts was released, at the peak it was like $1,500 per ETH>

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