Smile Contest - 10 SBD for best smile

in smile •  4 months ago

Comment with your smiles and the best smile will get 10 SBD
Prizes for the cutest smile, goofy smile and adorable smile of 5 sbd 3 sbd and 1 sbd.
So lets smile together :)


Edit: Thank you for your smiles, it made me smile. I will send in any case 1 sbd for those great photos.

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Small Smile-



This is my entry-



My entry:



Wow... I hope i will win

I am so happy.... Thanks again for the big reward 😘

Just capture!!!!


Most handsome ;)


Big Thank you!!!

hi @amirl a very happy smile, may you always get happiness by giving a smile to others.

this is a smile with my daughter for you mate.



The cutest smile


Ha...ha..., Thank for you @amirl

The best smile for me.



Most adorable

רעיון חמוד! image.jpeg


The eyes are smiling - that is the best smile


Great! Ha...

Thanks for giving me a chance.Smile is a gif of God.



Very friendly faces :)