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#Steemtv TV box

How I turned my Dumb TV into a Smart TV for a simple up front investment of $68. Which through rewards from the Android TV box maker
I actually got $76 of free services. I chose to make my dumb TV smarter with a Xiaomi Mi Box which is available almost everywhere including @WalMart.IMG_20180211_181404.jpgIMG_20180211_181418.jpgIMG_20180211_181431.jpgIMG_20180211_181447.jpgIMG_20180211_181431.jpg so basically I profited $8 by using this box instead of going out and buying a new smart TV. This box is able to stream content
@4K resolution. Also by using the tv web browser function I'm able to use @Steemit on my Android TV box.IMG_20180211_183408.jpg I hope I've been able to help you with your entertainment center and @Steemit addiction. You can view almost all content your soul desires on this box from @HBO, @ESPN, Live Sports even Adult entertainment. Also virtually every Google service @Google are available on this box. This is also an effective way to replace your Cable Company when you use @Kodi. It's basically a little mini personal computer for your TV.

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