The feeling when you're earning $$$ with & some honest talk

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.. but let's start from the beginning.


One of the things I'm most proud about, after developing, is the fact that so many smart-steemians are making an impressive income with

Whether it is by delegating steempower, selling-votes or by buying votes to promote posts.

And many of those are small to medium users - planktons, minnows and dolphins.

One could say ...

Smartsteem is the service for the people.

Delegations alone have paid out already over 100K SBD - to around 1000 delegators (431 active).


And I'm not even counting the over 4800 vote-sellers - many of them planktons and minnows.

Everyone can make money with!

But this is not an advertisement post

This post is devoted to all those smart-steemians who are making a killing with

We live in a truly special time - both in the real world and on Steem.

I for myself am super grateful and stoked about the possibilities Steem gives me.

So .. let's celebrate it!

and for the people who prefer more rap & bass..

Honestly: thank you, guys!

Without you - this wouldn't be possible.

I hope every one of you has a great and lucrative week!

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You guys have been great to me so far as for returns on the delegation and upvotes for promotion. Honestly you brought me from plankton to minnow and a crossroads to decide where to go next. Thanks

Yeah I love smartsteem. Even for a minnow like me, I love the results it is getting for me. I truly believe it increases the value of Steemit platform. more power to Smarteem and to you @therealwolf. I would like also to take this opportunity to thank you for a great contribution you've done inside Steemit.


Thank you @arnel!

@therealwolf, I am part of the team of SmartSteem quite from inception, and back then I saw a huge potential in your idea. Today, I am also a living testimony that indeed what you say is true.

We all know Steemit does not work always as it should, but thanks to curated whitelist plus upvote sellers, you give a voice to those that normally will struggle much more to have one.

To all those who do not still use to sell their votes or delegate their power, do it, is much worthy!

@therealwolf . Smartsteem has been a life saver for me. I have been selling votes for several months now and it is my most consistent revenue streem. Unfortunately none of my referrals are being credited at the moment but that's ok. I truly appreciate the earnings I get from the service.

this is awesome, smartsteem is making it happening, I can see it coming, you actually deserves to be our witness, continue with the good task of yours. I can see joy all over the people face in that video.


Thank you @adeyemidrey!

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Never heard of steem messenger till this post! Now I’m going to check it out

I will always support @therealwolf, I will always support, @smartsteem! Thank you for Everything 👍✨

I cant even begin to say how grateful I am to you because of smartsteem I can finally live on my own terms without having to do the usual 8-5 work and Im just a plankton! Im from a third world country and an event organizer, my goal now is to invest in steemit, promote it on my events and share this amazing platform to everybody! Again thank you so much for creating smartsteem!!!

Seems I am missing out entirely
When do I get to use the tag
Awesome detail you highlighted


You're not missing out - you can still join ;)


Before you make empty accusations go to learn how the system works mate. Steembottracker is not a smartsteem website, and hence no one can guarantee the return stated there. You really need some classes and even more about PR, accusing someone of stealing money from the poor, haha.

Also, the only one scamming children is yourself, if you are running a non-profit post, you should stay away from bid-bots, smartsteem and all for that sake. Use the vote selling services, where at least you keep most of your SBD and get a decent exposure for your post.

Cheers, and count to 10 before posting BS again.

just like to when your going to look after payment you owe me. You have'nt replied to one of my post.


I replied to you and asked what refund you're talking about. I'm not aware of anything.

Please come to our discord and tell us there:


link expired or invalid. :(


That's funny he used his account and the smartmarket to downvote mine ... he's big on damage control but only in the FUCK YOU way, not in the let me make this right way. Dudes a thief and a scammer. Bounty on finding him IRL.

I have only been at this for a couple months now so forgive my ignorance but I am so confused on how this side of Steemit works... I feel like learning to post interesting, original content was about 10% of what actually happens on Steemit. The rest of the 90%, I am learning, are services similar to this correct? Bidbots?
Is this the way to get to the trending pages? I have done it a few times but I don't know how or why it happened haha Does a platform like this help get your posts out there to share it with more people?

Thanks guys! Sorry for all the (probably silly) questions! :)

I am a witness @therealwolf. I just withdrew my earnings from vote selling with 8sp. Though not much but it gladdens my heart to know something like this is in place. In time with consistency and quality, I'll be earning decently from it.



I'll probably write a review to promote it more when I wake up in the morning.


Did you write that while on your sleep ;-) ? Cheers!


Lols @santana33, was sleepy cos it was late 2/3 of the night when I wrote that.

I'm happy to have joined you at your service, yesterday or delegated part of my sps to remain satisfied, congratulations continued and good work!

Happy with the service ,

is there a way we can create a blacklist for spammers who will not be allowed service and also a flag fund to use some % of delegation to flag the spammy posts.

Dropping them spammers

this service really help me a lot to grow my rep and earning on steemit.

Nice one. Congrats on achieving this wonderful feat.

I am a plankton right now, hope this will help me.

I just cancelled my smartsteem deligation this week. You limited the profit of vote buying to 10% which has brought down sales significantly. People want to have as much profit as possible so they place their bid to someone that doesn’t have a 10% max. If the bot doesn’t use all of its voting power the delegated Steem just sits unused. This situation is less profitable for both the bidder and the buyer. I would reconsider delegating if this bar was removed.


You are wrong.

The ROI Limit of 10% has resulted in a more stable outcome for delegators - there was a rising number of times before when the ROI was above 30% or even 40% due to Smartsteem's policiy against abuse and the many blacklisting cases which would have meant less revenue for delegators.

I love using smartsteem for my upvote boost.


Smartsteem is really Great service @therealwolf! But I wonder to know your opinion as a developer of Smarsteem, whay do you think and what do you feel when people use at the same time not only smartsteem, but and minnowbooter too. How do you think is it honestly or not? What is you think about it?

I hope to one day retire and just delegate out my SP

you are smart and helped us be smart too. Thanks to your service, I now get paid every alternate day. I am a full time dementia care giver and will not be able to dedicate myself to steemit completely. Smartsteem helps me with passive earnings through vote selling.
I saw a comment against your project on a post and am sure it is spam. When the tree is laden with fruits, stones are bound to be thrown. Hope it does not hurt you though

Your highlighted feature in the Smartsteem is really remarkable. I think it goes to far in future and help all of steemians. It is contribution of your team.

I'm loving SmartSteem and the services it provides to us all...please keep up the great work.

Thank you for a non-apologetic celebration of success! I support this!

a very cool post, a very decent movie to follow

Thank you for having created an ecosystem that creates wealth for others as well! It's just unique, congratulation! I'm still so small but I'll definitely investing more in it because is solid and transparent...great job @therealwolf!

wow! this is just incredible @therealwolf . how to i begin using

Great Blog!

Let us continue to connect to each other as we submit more content?

Followed & upvoted!

Luppers :)

Smartsteem means for my growth for all who want to continue growing and abundance for all, thank you @therealwolf for being a genius and helping many here

I love using smartsteem also, you are also a well prepared well witness for us.
And to smartsteem I pray I get up-to 1k so I can delegate and enjoy big-time

hey - I just got a response saying you'd upvote post as much as you could....but you didn't send any sbd's back...and it doesn't look like you upvoted the post at all....

what's up?

this is the post:

hahah awesome gif :))

I am very happy with my first results using smartmarket :)
Thanks and good luck!

I look your video happy