Smartsteem vs. Scammers

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Hey there fellow steemians,

@therealwolf here - founder and developer of with an important message.

It seems that with the rising success of smartsteem - a few scammers and low-life scrubs are getting attracted as well.

Besides savemax, randumoonnid and onnurandid there is also a new waste of steem-space trying to scam you.

His name: jemsmc.

Warning: SCAM

Chance is high that the account got compromised and is getting used to share phishing-links to rob you of your hard-earned SBD & STEEM.


The chance is even higher that the phishing attempts will happen again, that's why we've created some guidelines for you to check if you are getting tricked.

SmartSteem Moderator?

There are no moderators in our team. Only support, reviewers & advisors.

Additionally, you can always check our team-members under


Rewards are ALWAYS getting paid out through - NO OTHER SITE!


And in the end - if you're not sure if something is legit or not - join our discord and ask us:

PS: Thank you @aaronleang for the abuse-report! 10 SBD bounty of gratitude is yours.

Last but not least ...

Even though phishing and scam attempts are unbelievable sad and make me somewhat angry - I'm still very grateful for the love smartsteem received - the project I've been putting my heart and soul into.

So - let me end this post with a simple message:

Will we let scammers & spammers ruin Steem?

Absolutely not.

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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I send sbd to @smartmarket but it is not working ! didn't recieve any upvote or refund ? Is there any problem with your bot or its temporary down ?

dang it is getting scary out there. Direct links that scam people. Yikes. Thanks for the heads up.

Its good information provided. You have mentioned very important things. It will be a great help for the steemit community. Thanks for sharing such a good information.

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Is the bot working? It has been 6 hours since my bid. Thanks.

scammers are big dump.

Everyone ought to start using the flag to downvote scammers and shit posters. Doesnt matter if you dont have much sp, there are many low rep scammers that can be voted to shit before they grow. Community needs cleaning up badly.

Use your flag. Its what its made for!

hallo sir
i am send 0.5sbd @smartmarket but i cannot receive upvote this post

plz chak it

I can not used @smartmarket
100% poooooor service .

thanks for pointing this out. I continue to love @smartsteem and @therealwolf you are helpful. We need more like on this platform

This is starting to develop into a major Steemit issue, personally I would trust only the links in the posts...emphasis POSTS of people you follow on here. Any link, however innocent it might seem in a comment could be compromised. Do not enter your user name and any key in a log in that requests it unless you have triple checked the authenticity - if in doubt just cancel it. If you find a comment or post you suspect contains a phishing link flag it - it is far better to hide a genuine link then leave in the open a phishing one.


What would a phishing link look like or what would someone be looking for to determine it was a phishing link....I don't even know what it is, I am going to google it though when I am done.

It could be any link - because when see a link like this it is very easy to change the real domain you are directed to (as I have done if you click the link). The problem is these links are being manipulated so they go to domains that are misspellings of steemit like steewit with identical page design and it asks you to log back in again - so if you are unwary and do not notice the domain change - you enter your Steemit it user name and password - the site logs them in a file and then no doubt bounces you back to Steemit as if nothing happened.

Thank you.

Thanks for the warning, lately I have received notices like those, people asking that SBD tranfiera to give more view to the post and things like that. Definitely you have to be very attentive and once to thanks for the verification or certification data when it is or not smartsteem.

Well, I am glad that you guys are on top of this kind of stuff. I just found out about your service and joined today. Congratulations and I am looking forward to working with you as I grow.

I'm a proud member of Smartsteem and I appreciate what you do for the community. You add a lot of value and have become very successful at what you do, people are realizing this and Smartsteem is getting recognition right across the board. And that is why scammers are pretending to be you. WE WILL NOT LET SCAMMERS AND SPAMMERS RUIN STEEM.

Scammers seem to be way smarter than some of us, so it keeps me wondering why they don't use their creativity for something productive.

Because productive creativity here no one will appreciate and will not pay. I have been writing absolutely unique posts for almost half a year now, I have no spam, plagiarism and copy-paste in my blog, but no one wants to vote for me free of charge, all votes have to be bought, half of them being fraud, voting half of the declared strength, and sometimes and not voting at all. Nobody will vote for you simply free, if you can sell your vote for money. This is a blockchain project and almost all the participants, including me, came here for money.
Now I'm thinking about waiting for all my payments, to begin STEEM POWER down and leaving the project. I'm tired of enter here the real money into the purchase of voting and promotion, their is very hard earned, and I'm tired of wasting my time writing posts for which no one will vote for free, and if buy vote for money, they will deceive, at best they will not give a penny of profit, and in the worst - steal your money. And that they will not steal - then a grumpycat or a mack-bot or a spaminator will come and put the flag for a far-fetched reason and nullify the payment.
In such conditions, I perfectly understand the scammers who decided to earn this way, because you can not earn an even way. and if it is possible, then others will not let you.

@elizzium2018, you've made a surprisingly thought-provoking assertion and it reminds me, vaguely, of this lesson of Free Speech: when people with opposing views are forced to shut up, they thrived underground (their ideas didn't go away). This analogy may be legit in such territory where arguments could be made against those who nullified your rewards (fortunately I haven't been "molested" by anyone so far).

I recommend that you don't leave but persist one more time. Hopefully, the morning sun – of better days – will soon smile on you. :)

I'm not sure if I understood you correctly (I'm just starting to learn English), but if I start giving arguments and proofs with links to robbed accounts - spaminator and mack-bot, says it's my second account, and enter me in their blacklists. And I have nothing to oppose them, they have millions of dollars in the SP and I have only 22SP, which I received with great difficulty for six months. Considering that they are all friends with the owner of this account, this mafia will kill me in a moment, I will not even have time to shout.

I just checked your blog and noticed that you haven't used proper tags. Usage of proper tags will definitely help you get the kind of followers you want based on your interest. Please don't give up yet. I see you do post at least once daily and you said you just started to learn English. Writing will definitely help you get the boost. Don't loose hope because you aren't getting upvote "YET". Goodluck

The only tag that I use is #busy because it allows you to get a free vote of 15-20 cents. I just do not know what kind else besides this I should use tags.
Well, besides, the use of any tags will not solve the problem of fraud of bot owners and will not change the opinion of many influential people on this site (including the author of this blog) about that bots should not give profits for customers. I consider this approach dishonest. Greedy owners of bots want to we fight for their vote and pay more money, They do not care if we earn or lose, They cheat, making at the last seconds a big bets from their additional accounts to steal our investments, and we are happily bite each other's throats.
I am currently preparing a big post on this topic, in which I am going to tell people how things really are, if you are interested - subscribe to me or add my blog to bookmarks, I will post it in a few days.

I would definitely love to read about what you have to say about the matter. Stay strong my friend. You will definitely get rewarded.

This good information.. Thank you @smartsteem

i am send 0.5sbd @smartmarket but i cannot receive upvote this post

plz chak it

is it profitable or no?

@smartsteem, how do I contact your support team, I have an issue I need to clear with you guys. Thanks

its ok.gif

Thanks for all your good work. If people be extra careful and be attentive, most of these phishing attempts can be avoided. I think we need more general internet awareness like the ones we have in physical world. Eg: Don't talk to strangers. Keep your keys safe. Don't give personal information to random people etc.

Exactly.......@vimukthi, rightly said.

Thanks for sharing smartsteem is very nice
I appreciate your warning

Thanks a lot @smartsteem for your awareness post. Really I'm knowing something from your blog about scammer.

Thanks for the information Smarsteem is my favorite service of votes will be attentive to the solution....resteemit

Thanks for the information. I get new knowledge from your post

Thanks for the warning. Unfortunately, automated systems are always prone to being gamed.

Damn, I'm glad that I've been seeing these kinds of warnings before seeing one for myself. I think I'm just going to ignore the wallet area altogether when it comes to reading the messages and links. I don't want to risk it for the biscuit...

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thanks for the warning

Hi @therealwolf, I did comment on your other post and followed the breadcrumbs and it got me here! :)

Im really interested in what you have created. Il most likely need to research it a little more so I know what I am doing, but thx for the great info and your obvious hard work!!


Thanks for the information Smarsteem is my favorite service of votes will be attentive to the solution....resteemit

Hey, facing a bug. Have a payment that didn't seem to be processed or returned:


cc: @therealwolf

Are you paying to clvr to downvote spam?
I found this:
For the record, abandi is best-strategy is lucky-robin, for the few whom know what I mean.

I appreciate the heads up. There seems to be more of them populating on comments as of late.

fantastic post friend

Take'em down!

Awesome post. Thanks for this!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

There's one big advantage of using the built in password manager of your browser: You will immediately see when you're on a phishing site, because the login data is not auto-completed. Saved me a bunch of times.

Now, I know a centralized solution for keeping all your passwords might not be the most secure, but I think it could be more secure than having to fill in all your passwords yourself. Think about it, keyloggers won't be able to record your login data, since you don't have to type it. You can set a secure masterpassword (on Firefox at least) and that will keep your entire password database encrypted.

On the one hand it's a single point of failure, on the other hand it could actually prevent certain forms of malware to get access to your passwords.

Just posting this to get a discussion going and to possibly help prevent people from getting phished.

At any time should not ignore the importance of safety.

Thanks for this great warning, we all need to be from all scammers, they are everywhere

Indeed, I am happy that you all are over this sort of stuff. I simply got some answers concerning your administration and joined today. Congrats and I am anticipating working with you as I develop.

Hi, I am new to the Steemit.
I would love it if you would check my first post on why the Crypto market is in RED.

Thank u @smartsteem for being great i am so happy in dealing with u on many sides
Ur doing a great job 👍🏼

Great information. thanks for sharing valuable post.
I follow your advice.. resteemit

Thanks for being on top of it, @smartsteem!

thanks this article is very helpful for lovers of steemit ,,
hopefully steemit continues to grow and still provide a better service so that scammers can not hack other people's accounts

Thank you ; safety first yes .

You got fans ! ;)

Thank you so much for your care!IT is very bad to go for our successful with you ,smartsteem.It must clean away from our pure world.Anyway,I like so much with you to better for future.

Thank you very much for the info. Scammers must be hunted down and eliminated!

"There are way too many scammers who think they are not scamming, and some support the scammers coz they are whales....;)"

I am grateful that you warn of these unscrupulous people who seek to damage the initiative. Greetings from Venezuela




Thank so much for warning.


You are bullied by @GrumpyCat on your post.

  • @GrumpyCat is flagging innocent people and calling them "collateral damage"!
  • @GrumpyCat is trying to impose his rules by using your SP on ones weaker than him!
  • @GrumpyCat has rejected all the diplomatic proposals we have brought so far!

@The-Resistance is here to stop this and protect the weaker ones from the tyranny of @GrumpyCat

Join our bot We-Resist to protect minnows
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@GrumpyCat, to your tyranny WE-RESIST

The Resistance


@smartsteem Thanks for your support, you are one of the best and you fulfill what you promise; for us to be able to invest and that is reflected in our Posts.

20 days ago I transferred 0.700 sdb to @hugewhale and I voted in my post 0.01 (, and I feel scammed by this user.

Thank you!

@smartsteem, Thanks for the alert.
Lately, we have seen many such scammers who abuse the system.
Scammers must be thrown out of the park. They should be abandoned from the system to protect newbies.
Afterall, it is the trust and confidence these blockchain-based platforms are built upon. Following you to stay tuned with more such updates and info.

Thanks Alot for the awareness campaign. Great post though! Thanks for sharing :)

Thank you I will be aware! :)

Challenge, where you can win up to 100s $SD!
If you want to, you can try it here:

Thanks. Is good to know about that :)

Thank you for the update. I have only used your service for the first time about a week ago, I was pretty bummed to see all the scam stuff coming out. Glad to know you are on it.

I have upvote and re steem, if you are willing to help, please upvote my comments, or please send a little help to improve my blog, thanks, please do not flag, this is not spam, if you are disturbed I apologize

Hi! It's a bit frustrating but I'll keep on trying :-)
3SBD sent on 24/03 via tool for - no upvote or refund until now :( Can you pls take a look on this? Thanks!

@smartsteem thanks for the awareness. I wonder why people engage in such fraudulent activities. It's kind of absurd to me.

Thanks for the information really enjoyed this post thank you

Last month a friend of mine being scammed by those people who are well I do not know if how they think and who are they in real life.. I felt pity because her hard earned amount just went off.. Thanks for this warning!

I sent my sbd to @smarrsreem. Was that enough? Was i to send sbd with a post link too?
Just being clear.. Im so sleepy

It is helpful information for us. You have described essential things. thanks for your valueble information

OK sir, thanks you for the information.

I've sent you 2 hours ago 0.100sbd with URL but not get vote nor refund.


Just wanted to say thanks for your services! Y'all do a great job both for voting and trying to keep this place a good community :) Be well!

Thanks @smartsteem for the enlightenment. This didn't come as a surprise to me, because I was certain that this was definitely going to happening. And mark my words more scammers are on the way coming. It's our responsibility to check every link properly before clicking it to avoid being a victim of scammers.

hi smartsteem sir me send 5 sbd you are not upvoted my post check this

Hey, I have a similar category article on how we can identify scam ICOs. Please check it out and upvote if you like it!!

Postingan yang baik @smartsteem.saya suka informasinya sangat membantu....untuk semua steemians di sini tolong bantu follow dan upvote sya @wanpelor.apakah di kategorikan scam or spam

This is a good information you shared .i just followed you and will be writing
my introductory post tomorrow

The moment I saw that the letter 'a' was capitalized in "I Am smartsteem moderator..." and that he missed out an 'a' after 'Am', my brain switched to common-sense mode and ruled him out as a (worthless, piece of shit, good-for-nothing) scammer.

PSA: Remember kids, 95% of the scammers out there in this cruel, harsh and scary world use shitty grammar.

hi there, i bid on your bot but never got my upvote: cryptogrind transfer 4.747 STEEM to smartsteem

hi @smartsteem, i paid you, but you did not did anything.
please refund me.

Thank you for the heads up!

ahmm may I ask something? why is that it tend to be an application error when I am going to log in in steamconnect? pls. let me know what is happening ASAP...thanks...@smartsteem :)

How unfortunate of those scammers, and obviously we can not let it happen again and ruin this platform that in my opinion is great, so much so that I am a violinist and thanks to this platform I have taken away much the stage fright, and now even I play songs that I never thought to play, of course you have to say NO to the scammers and that they ruin this platform. regards

wow agood message from agood person. but where there is an oportunity, there always those who are sad. but steemit is ready to fight them and we shall not allow them. Thanks very much Sir for the information.


  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

Are you too stupid to realize that you get downvoted by anti-spam services?

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment
  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment