My Flower Photography-17

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Hellow All Of My Steemit Friends

Hope that everything is going good.Wellcome to my today's smartphone photography blog.I want to share two beautiful flower photo with you people.


DeviceRedmi Note 5 Ai

Flower is the most mysterious part of nature.Every flower has its own beauty to make us wonder.The name of this flower is sparso.This flower pattern looks like leaf.The pink flower is so beautiful.


DeviceRedmi Note 5 Ai

It is a wild flower.I found this flower beside a road.The flower is small in size.This flower looks like marigold flower.This small yellow flower looks so gorgeous.

Hope that you people like both flower.Thanks for visiting my blog.Have a good day.Keep calm and stay happy.

Vignette 2.png

Vignette 2.png

Photography Is My Passion

Vignette 2.png

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