Beauty of Yellow Flower and Rain

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Hellow all of my steemit friends wellcome to my photography post.Today i am sharing two view of a flower.We know that flower is so beautiful part of nature.Without flower we can not get the original beauty of nature.Every flower has its own beauty to make us wonder.


DeviceRedmi note 5 Ai

This flower blooms in my garden.The name of this flower is subornolota.This flower looks like funnel.The flower tree is big in size and the tree covered by this beautiful flowers.


DeviceRedmi note 5 Ai

I captured this photo after rain.Raindrop on the flower increase the beauty a lot.The flower became fresh and looks so gorgeous.

Hope that you people like this flower.Thanks for visiting my blog.Have a good day.

Vignette 2.png

Photography Is My Passion

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