Handsome Lil Critter

in smartphonephotography •  3 months ago

First of I need to apologize for all those who do not like these little guys. =P I have never had any issues with insects though. Spiders, on the other hand, is a different story. Captured this little guy on a early morning walk. He was just chilling in the road. Decided to move him to a safer location after our little shoot.

Come at me, bro!


Photo taken by me using the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

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Hey George! This is a cool photo!


Thanks =) I surprised myself with it. =)

Scarabidae \ Scoops dung for laying it's eggs in with that spade!

I'd say that's PDG! You either have a future in bug charming or, he had already kicked the bucket, popped his clogs and gone to the great insectarium in the sky.


Hehehe, that one made me giggle. Luckily I was lucky to catch him sitting so still. He was up and about quite a bit. Think he is in perfect health. =)

You probably saved his life. Here's a star for you. :-)


I sure hope so, lucky lil fellow.

I once had a tarantula walk upon my hand on a exotic pet exhibition.. The amout of sweat and goosebumps I had is over 9000!!


I would have freaked out like crazy! Still on my bucket list though...