Machu Piсchu is Sacred Valley in Peru, translate as "Old top"

Machu Piсchu is Sacred Valley or sacred city in Peru, translate as "Old top".
In 2007 Machu Picchu was voted one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.
It is place where Inca emperor Pachacuti (1438–1472) was saved from Spanish Conquest.





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Hi, just came over from Sola! Very nice shots! My trip to Machu Picchu is planned next year!


Good intention. I recommend you to visit Lima (the capital of Peru) and Titicaca lake as well.


Titicaca lake and the Amazonas are a must, too. Saving money and studying travel hacks ;)
How did you feel there? Is it a powerful place for you?


I took a tour, because I don't know Spanish. I liked Cusco (this is the place from where to go by rail to Machu Picchu. Then buy ticket for the entrance to Machu Picchu and take a bus again. I felt great in the mountains. We drunk tea with coca leaves (it's free in hotel).
Yes, this is a strong place and I took a deep rest there. To sense of harmony it's really better to be alone rather than with a guide. I wanted to try the San Pedro cactus, but the Inca sorcerer was busy. ((
In Cusco there is no theft unlike Lima. An excursion to Titicaca can be booked from any hotel in Cusco. It occurs every day.
I went then to Ecuador on the Galapagos Islands, that's why I was in Peru only 6 days. The heaviest of all is the 11-hour transatlantic flight. It should be 1 day away from the jet lag. Take warm clothing to the mountains and enjoy you journey.


Sorry to be so late with my reply. After an endless seeming ccold period we had some warmer days and I spent most of my days working in the garden. Now it's cold again and I'm back...

It is so helpful to get direct information and not all the stuff in magazines.
That sounds like traveling the way I like it. I love to visit special "energy spots" of the earth and subtle energies cannot be experienced in a noisy group. I hope to have occasions for some minutes (and hours) in contemplation on my journey.

It is good to take such traditional drugs in a relaxed atmosphere and with a trustworthy and very experienced person.

You've seen so many great places. I wonder which of them you liked best.
Did you join the Discord Channel Steemit Travellers already? It is very recommendable.