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Recently I remember when I was teenager.
I didn’t have a phone so I used my mummy’s phone which was an old flip out phone.

When my friend sent me messages, I always asked my mum if I could borrow her phone?

It was an convenient way to contact to my friends.
But it’s safe because mum could aleays check what her children were doing on the phone.

And I had my first personal phone when I was 18 years old.

Of course It was not a smart phone.
So I didn’t use the internet because if I connected to the internet, I would have to pay money.

But around that time many kinds of crimes happened on the internet.

I felt recently that this world is becoming more and more convenient but a also more scary with technology.

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yeapp with the smartphone our lives are much more convenient. but at the same time people expect things much faster from us too.
i remember when i used to want a flip phone. In japanese is it called Garakke? it looked so cool to me last time hahaha

Yes! It’s called Garake-!
How do you know that😃

hehe i found out from my friend because I thought that phone style was really cool 🤣