Swan lake (old photo, out of ideas)

Hello again!

I recently found this picture on my phone. I hope you guys like it.


I'm currently taking off from having a cup of coffee at a local bakery. I was to shoot some photos today, but found out I'm completely run out of ideas and motivation.

I'm stumped... what to do now? It's a good weather for photos, but I just can't seem to be able to see the beauty. (Spring depression has hit me before, but this is kind of early.)

Help me guys? Give me some ideas, and force me to shoot. Please? I respect everything you can throw at me!

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Well of course we have #monochromemonday and #treetuesday. My buddy @keithboone is a good photographer and does #featheredfriday, so any bird photos work. I am just saying it never hurts to get inspiration from the daily challenges!


Hmm... I might try these out one of these days. The thing about #featheredfriday is that while I love shooting birds, I often miss out on Fridays, because there's generally so many things to do on Fridays. It all piles up and then in the evening I realize the whole day had passed and I've not taken one photo.

I guess I can try one of those other challenges some day.


Well being all the different time zones, I am sure @keithboone would be happy with Thursday to Saturday. He is a good guy and a good photographer but not a stickler on the days lol! I host #monochromemonday and #treetuesday and Im not a stickler :-)

Honestly I like to live (Spend) my life at this type of place! It's a pretty cool and amazing photography!


Amazing! Never heard of spring depression! Winter depression is okay!

Why not list down what you like and what you don’t like, and work down the list! Select what fancy you!

Then make a list of what Miro likes and follow the list!

Any help?!!
Or you could go by alphabetical order!


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Well first I congratulate you for that great shot. and now I say you can make a shot of the same site but current and mount the two photos to compare.
that is my suggestion

Bit early for birds building nests I suppose.Maybe that 365 photo every day really did burn you out. Never again.


I wouldn't say "never" but at least not in the immediate forseeable future. ;)


I don't blame you as committing to one year is a lot. Rather do a month or a 50 day challenge but not a year.

Hmm.. how about the kids? A guaranteed success, particularly in Miro's case as he is still only eight years old.


Yes, well I'm to pick him up at one. Still an hour left to shoot something else. I'll consider taking him with and do a quick photoshoot, and maybe buy him a cocoa while at it. Good idea, although it largely depends on Miro, and whether he's up to it himself.


If necessary you can bribe him.

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Go to a public gathering and snap photos of what you see there that impress you or draw your attention. There are always something to write and snap when you are in a public surroundings @gamer00

Am sure there a lot of things you can snap about in your area, just look around you, you will find.

Like me, I recently bought a new shoes and am planning to make a post about it😀.


Hmm, I recently bought a pair of shoes too... Might be an idea for a studio shoot there! Thanks!

in the snow next photo shoot may be in the dusk time

how about put a coin or dollar on the ground somewhere, and take a photo of it. Some lucky person will find it. Then go across the street, and without the person's face in the photo, take a picture of them picking it up.

this lets you do something nice for a stranger. it also proves you did it and lets us share in the experience too

if you don't like this then maybe think of something creative you do like?

I know what to do. It is necessary to get drunk with friends, and in the morning everything will pass except for a headache:)But depression will pass

Nature photography is always best .

I have been getting inspiration from the Actifit application and have been taking some pictures as I head out the door trying to get my steps in for the post. It gets me out and seems to help a lot with my mood.