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As explained in my previous post HERE, we're going to burn a lot of coins in the coming splitfork of smartcash. Today, we release a draft and we'll wait for inputs from the community. Snapshot is taken from block 633,000 just before Ben Swann dumped his paycheck. We blacklisted the remaining balances of:

  1. Any address directly paid from any hive - appx 220M coins
  2. Any address with a balance greater than 500K - appx 120M coins
  3. Any address with totalReceived greater than 2M - appx 240M coins
  4. Any address with more than 200 transactions - appx 23M coins
  5. Any address with a balance less than 1 smartcash - appx 2500 coins
  6. Known exchanges and pools - appx 22M coins
  7. Any address that has voted yes to Ben Swann - appx 16M coins
  8. All the hives and community budget - appx 1.2B coins

Please keep in mind there are overlaps so the total number of coins burned is less than the appx amounts added together. This leaves us with almost 300M coins in the new chain which will be distributed between appx 43K addresses. If you can't find your address in the list, and believe we have made a mistake, get in touch with us on Discord asap. In the next step we'll release the final list. You can view the draft by clicking HERE.

I know that this decision is a tough one and is not going to please everyone but the truth is that no one can please everyone and that has never been the goal of this fork; we never planned to please those who dumped us. We need to fix the problem of unfair distribution of block rewards in the new chain and we can't see any other way of doing it. We are pretty sure however that this decision is going to please the majority of the community and is going to be healthy for the economy of the new chain. Having said that, we'll be waiting for inputs from the community before finalizing the list.

Don't forget to join us on Discord


You already said it your self, smartcash board can't please everyone.
What you are trying to do is wrong and if you are supposed to do it, it shouldn't be done in a war like manner or a way to get back at people who once trusted you.
Just because you know how the block goes and how to folk one doesn't make you the savior -

I rebel against this man they are peaceful ways to do things

Now you know its hard to take a decision but you won't accept the fact lots of people make their decisions.

I know that this decision is a tough one and is not going to please everyone but the truth is that no one can please everyone and that has never been the goal of this fork;

Not being able to please everyone doesn't mean not being able to please the majority. The smartcash board has chosen to piss off the majority. If you still don't see it, I can't change your mind. There is a silent majority waiting for this fork to come through. They will then speak up one by one I assure you that.

so will there be a new wallet and a new coin name?

I don't agree on the Point 7, I did supported the Ben proposal because I thought it will be a good exposure for the Smartcash brand....I did not expect the price drop cause for it...

We can make exceptions for community members who support the fork on point 7. Are you on Discord? Make sure you message me on Discord.

Sure, I'll contact you. Thanks

I have around 4000 smartcash in my mobile wallet, will I have to do anything with them for this split fork?

Make sure you export your private key(s) so you can import them into the splitfork and spend your coins however you wish. You can check if your address is eligible by looking for it in this list:

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