@marshalllife - thanks for the questions. The answer would depend on your goal. If your aim is to obtain more smarts over a long period for example you would want to buy at the lowest satoshi price you have seen for smartcash which in recent times has been is between 2200 and 2350 give or take. Knowing that it was recently 6000+ satoshi and now in the 2000+ range you may decide its is a great price to buy.

If you where thinking of spending some smarts and changing into Bitcoins then you would be looking at your entry price (what did you pay for it when you bought it).
If you bought smarts at 500 satoshis in november 2017 you may consider the current price of 2300+ satoshis a good selling price. if you however got in when it was 7000 statoshis it may not be a good price to cash out at. Profit or loss is measured from the price you buy vs the price you sell at. to someone who got bitcoin at $20000 to sell at $8000 is a loss. To one who got in at $1000 sell at $8000 is still a profit.
If you buy constantly a project you believe in you would be able to get a good average low price. If you are not tracking it you will not know it when it comes

mmmmmh, truth about this, crypto trading is such a volatile job really trader really have to get a portfolio and also monitor each activities, really crypto is a full time job.

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