I finally started a YouTube channel... Hahaha come watch me make things up and talk about crypto!

in smartcash •  9 months ago

I'm not doing this for money or anything just wanna shitpost on a whole new level thus you should subscribe to my shit posting channel! (with some valuable stuff in between)


Could use some extra subs to get rid of this old ass custom url lol..

First video:

Yes I will post them to dtube as well of course...

Video description:
Today we discussed why Potcoin and others were never viable to start with due to issues with understanding the needs of the cannabis industry combined with branding issues and fierce and growing competition.

Grandma would much rather use SmartCash than Potcoin to purchase her product even though USD is the most viable method for years to come.

Enjoy a drive with me as I try my hand at making video explanations for crazy theories I have... If you don't know what SmartCash is head on over to https://www.smartcash.cc

These are just like my opinions, man.

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How funny. At one time about four years ago I was one of the largest Potcoin holders in the world. I had ten's of milions of them. I also own three MMJ dispensary in Colorado Springs. My attorney checked with the state and they said I could absolutely not accept ANY Crypto for pot. The sent me a letter saying so. I then sold all my potcoin.


Hope for you you sold them last December ;-)


thats a good story

Subscribed and click on the bell, good luck!

Cannabis becomes legal in Canada July 1st for recreational use. My Province - Alberta is one of those that is letting the private sector run with guidance and regulation from the Provincial/ Municipal governments.
Yesterday I was in the Cannabis and Hemp Expo in Calgary. I found a good percentages of the potential players were new to the whole system (never planted in their lives but planning to be growers)

There is room to get in early here in Alberta if you know a thing or two about the industry. I am to have a follow-up conversation with a vendor who is open to adding #smartcash as a form of payment when online payments eventually kick in. At launch dispensaries will not be allowed to do any sales online. Only time will tell how it evolves.

Congrats on joining Youtube, I thought about that also but am a bit shy and do not like putting my self on camera, I prefer to hide behind the keyboard here on Steemit.


Thats exactly me but I decided it was time for a change and anti anxiety practice :P


Well good luck to you on your journey.

lol, go earn some smoke from smoke.network, they so give you coin for smoking 🚬 CAN_I_BIZ LOL

i was gonna say, you better take this to dtube my guy!!


Will do today/tomorrow for 2 videos.

Cool, taking Cryptos mainstream

Dopecoin is taking a different approach. It's bring the advertising of Cannabis to the masses with a crypto coin. With its own cryptobillings platforms. They already saw this happening in terms of a name. Good post!

great to see you finally after chatting online !

Potcoin still has some value on the trading floor... but i see your point, it could never be the next bitcoin... but on the flipside... smartcash... hmmm now that's a different ball game entirely... Smartcash is like a sleeping giant that's just about to wake... Like i told someone earlier... i want to be sitting on this giant's shoulder when it wakes. hehehe


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hahaha potcoin that is too funny. It will never pass Smartcash :). But i bet all the smokers out there will like it.