5 Reasons YOU Should attend World Crypto Con in Las Vegas, NV on Oct 31st- Nov 2nd!

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1. It's in Las Vegas...

Not only will you have the chance to attend a basically 3 day conference, including the Crypto themed Halloween party but you will be able to explore one of the worlds most iconic cities before, during or after the conference and spread the wonderful crypto cheer everywhere you go, the more people we can get in that city these few days will hugely foster adoption and conversation around the event and crypto in general, this is speaking from experience from previous events, so come hungry for some networking!

Check it out: https://worldcryptocon.com

2. It's going to be one of the worlds largest Crypto conventions and networking events!

There is no doubt it will be hard to contend with the outrageous attendance of Consensus, but from what I saw while there it was sort of over attended which hurt the purpose and the networking as a whole, the hotel was horribly overfilled and it was hard to walk, or get around in general. The space at the Aria in Las Vegas is sure to be filled but I don't the issues of overcrowding occurring which is great and hopefully will encourage more networking as I have seen at other events. Nevertheless this event will be quite large and hopefully brimming with young and old folks alike with a curious nature and hopefully not 100s of suits 'working' on their next ICO lol..

3. I will be there, manning the #SmartCash booth. With a large team of Smarties!

I have booked and will be managing a large booth on the top floor by the coffee and networking area focused entirely on SmartCash, showing off SmartCash technology and promoting insightful conversations into the applications of the Hive/Treasury model that is 100% unique to SmartCash. By creating an inviting environment where people can actually play with SmartCash and ask questions I hope to create a huge boost in the understanding of the goals of the community, team and crypto as a whole and hope to meet you while doing so! We will also have 5-10 Smarties attending and assisting us, so come and meet everyone!

4. It's way cheaper than the other big conferences... coming in at $799 a ticket for early birds, if there was enough interest possibly even paid in Steem! (I can ask)

Consensus was around $1500-$2500 depending upon your purchase date and while the tickets are still semi expensive this is due to the space constraints and sheer cost of the event while is easily in the millions of dollars. The sponsors will be picking up a majority of the tab but ticket sales for this one arent super pricey, but from what I can tell this will be a very well spent $799 simply due to the teams focus on networking as opposed to ICO pitches.

5. SmartCash will be showing off some very cool tech, features and have a HUGE presence.. the first of many to come.

From the Mail Smart feature, to the SmartCard, Smartnodes & treasury model, everything will be on display and semi hands on in an effort to show everyone just how much SmartCash has accomplished this past year. All of the above and much more will be on video displays, laptops or phones for attendees to use and a team will be prevent to answer any and all questions as well as hand out swag to everyone.

Bonus: There WILL be free SmartCash. And swag!

We might also do a few social media contests with some cool prizes, but you didn't hear that here.


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Long time no see man! How have you been?
Hope everything is fine for you!

We need another market wide, crypto bull run to get us over there. Soon haha.

Enjoy your time there man, it sounds brilliant!