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in smartcash •  11 months ago

If you are reading this please comment below and tell me what tag you saw this post in. I'm doing a little experiment to actually see who reads the posts in the 5 smallest tags on Steemit. I guess you could probably tell I have a Sociology degree/lol. Anyway, out of curiosity I wanted to see if these 5 tags actually have people that contribute to the tags themselves. At the end of the 7 day period I will post the results on a new post to these same 5 tags. Again, thanks for your help. Cheers.

(image from google imaging in the subject of "experiment image")

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#zublizainordin to @crowe I saw this post and read it and UpVoted it...


You are the first one participating in this experiment. Thanks for the reply @zublizainordin .


From a Social Engineer #zublizainordin to another @crowe I was doing an Experiment of My own. Can a Minnow be listed in Steemit Trending Topics together with #aceh #adventure and #africa thus I keep on checking the list to improve My standing there.

Then I posted this: https://steemit.com/zublizainordin/@zublizainordin/zublizainordin-my-name-a-tag-in-steemit-trending-topics It is a small shot shouting "People, if I can... You too can."

Well, being the first is a good feeling. I was there before, hoping People will participate. Once I got one, the feeling is awesome.

By the way, I like what You are doing. I shall be waiting for Your Announcement post.

Thank You for responding. For Your Information I UpVoted Your comment above. Enjoy...


Thanks. I appreciate the feedback. I am eager to share my results. Thanks. I'm now checking out your post. I am also now following your blog. Cheers.

I saw it on #smartcash tag my friend.


Thanks for the reply @cloudspyder . I'll put you in the Stats. Cheers.

This showed up under "People/ Follow", so it looks like it showed just because I'm following you, not because I was in a tag you used. Hope this helps!


Thanks @swenger. Yes that will pop up there as well. Hopefully the people that see this post in one of those 5 tags will respond. I'm curious. Thanks for your interest as well. Have a good one.


It would be interesting if you could keep your posts from popping up in your followers' feeds, then post the exact same article in the 5 most popular and least popular tags and see the difference in payout to determine the effect of the tags. (Or maybe that's what you are doing, I'll have to wait and see!) It would also be good if you could remove your "reputation" number, although I guess if it was the same in both tests it shouldn't influence the outcome.
Maybe a part 2 test- low reputation in high tags vs high reputation in low tags?


Not a bad idea. Thanks.


@crowe your post always helpful and good.Thank you so much!

Well, I saw your post in persian section, if that's any help to you ;).


Thanks @nymfadora . I'll put you in my stats. Have a good one.

I saw it because I folllow you :)

I am read your post. it's really good news.thanks @crowe



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Thanks @hockleyj . I'll put you in the stats.

I just clicked on "hot" and there it was mate!

Dear @crowe really good news.thanks

I saw it on #gratefulvibes!!
This tag was started 47 days ago as part of my
"attitude of gratitude" challenge.
Otherwise called the #gratefulvibes challenge.
Visit my post and you will see a daily post each day and many people who are participating in the challenge.
In fact we now have a #gratefulvibes discord channel!!
Click on the #gratefulvibes tag, you will find many, many posts.
All since the challenge started 47 days ago. :-D