SmartCash’s User Friendly Approach (Web Wallet)

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You want to acquire cryptocurrency as you're investment. And then what? Leaving you're asset in an exchange. Maybe not, of course it is not recommended. If it gets hack, then where you're fund is, gone? Exchange is a hacker's major target to the fact that it holds huge volume of fund.

Wallet is the very first thing that you need to consider before investing in cryptocurrency. It is the most important and is a place where you store you're newly acquired asset, safe and secure.

Unfortunately, having a desktop wallet isn't always easy especially for the beginner. Because, it's not be immediately obvious or easily understandable if you're lacking of technical knowledge and not knowing how it works. Considering all that, SmartCash introduced web and mobile wallet as it's friendly approach especially for beginners.

The web wallet can make payment more easier, faster, and handy, makes it become the trend of payment. In fact it is an essential tool for paying goods and services on the daily basis. If before a credit card and debit card allow us to go cash less, web wallet and mobile wallet have allowed us to go card less. Makes our purchases convenient without carrying around stacks of cards and other valid ID's.

Furthermore, having a web wallet saves you a lot of time downloading the whole blockchain and disk space. And if you're thinking that your asset is insecure in web wallet, then you are wrong. Web wallet is password protected and it's your responsibility to choose a strong password (me I use 50 character password). And SmartCash web wallet provide two factor authentication code and captcha for extra security to keep your asset secure.

What is SmartCash web wallet and how it works?
SmartCash web wallet run as an app on your mobile device, it store your private keys that allow you to access your coins from your phone. You're coins are not actually stored inside you're mobile device or in a single server. Rather you're SmartCash are safe inside the blockchain.

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The SmartCash web wallet provided with password, two factor authentication code and captcha check point for an extra security to keep your asset secure inside the blockchain.
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The best part, SmartCash web wallet integrate voting, makes it easy to view and and vote for the proposal.

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Yeah man I prefer using the webwallet over the desktop one even though I know the desktop one is supposed to be safer. It's just that syncing it takes up so much time and sooo much more space which I need on my laptop. This is the sole reason why i can't get a desk top wallet....i don't have the space to spare.

Me too man. I never use desktop wallet. I don't have time to download the whole blockchain. But masternode requiring it.

I'm often using different computers so having to download the whole blockchain on each device isn't feasible for me. Having the web wallet gives me that extra convenience to use my smartcash wherever, whenever.

You're right bro, web wallet is for mobility. Thanks for you're good words.