Dutch music: De Dijk

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De Dijk

I would like to introduce you to a Dutch band called "De Dijk". This band was formed in 1981 and is still very populair in the Netherlands. Their music is a mix of soul, blues and rock and they made it their own sound.

Huub van der Lubbe (their frontman) is a real poetand responsible for most of their (Dutch) lyrics. They have won multiple awards from which one of the latest is because of their influence and meaning to Dutch music in general.

Nergens goed voor

I first heard this song on a camping in France (of all places). A guy on the campsite was playing acoustic guitar and played this song. Turned out he played in a coverband in the Netherlands and played this song as well. That holiday I learned to play the song from him.. I still love the song very much.

Groot hart

This song is about a guy who always got in trouble because of his need to flirt. It's a melangcholic song with the genuine De Dijk sound. It was a massive hit in the Netherlands.

Als ze er niet is

This song is about not knowing what you are missing until it is gone, written from a man's perspective. although many of you won't understand the lyrics, they are written magically.. it's a great song !!

Mag het licht uit
Another great song from which you can hear the bluesy influences of the band.

Of course there are many, many great songs of De Dijk, but I selected a few just to get you a impression.
Like I said, the band is already there for 36 years and still going strong.
Many people refer to Joe cocker when they see Huub van der Lubbe sing, he also has this mimicry while performing on stage.

I'm currious what foreign Steemians think of the music of De Dijk ?

Have a great day

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maar van dik hout is mijn echte liefde


Nah, van dik hout is zeker niet verkeerd maar persoonlijk vind ik de dijk meer ballen hebben :)


Ok ballen 🤔 tja ....... I ben te soft denk ik!

Just added them to my Spotify. Thanks for the great write up!


Thank you, I'm curious what you think of it.

@verhp11 steeds leuk om nog eens wat Nederlands terug te vinden op dit platform, groeten


Ja toch :) ook als Nederlanders moeten we een plekje claimen ;)

Beste nederlandstaling band. 'Niemand in de stad' vind ik hun beste song.


Ook een erg goed nummer... De dijk is absoluut geweldig !!