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@yusaymon is my musa.

As a part of gift economy, I have put @yusaymon's EOS wallet address in my painting.

Technical Details:
Time: 3-4 hours (I've given up sleeping due to this newly found inspiration....finding a muse is something that takes over one's life....)
Digital painting using a still photo of @yusaymon's Youtube videos as background, then I hand-painted this in GIMP, the free, open-source drawing program.

Here's some process shots:



This layout shows how artists can now submit their own style and unique art to Slothicorn, just by adding a crypto wallet QR code, as shown in my painting. I put the EOS logo above the QR code so people know what crypto coin wallet it is.

One never knows when a muse will strike. It happens to many artists, and I must say, I have not painted this way, with real passion in many years, so I am happy the muse virus has taken hold of my soul.

This work is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0:


If you didn't see the animation that @yusaymon and I did collaboratively, here it is again:

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Hey, this is great work, congrats. As eclectic as you are :)

No, I am not sucking up to you. Eh. I am... Yet I am honest on both accounts :)

I would like to ask you to help me out.

I started a donation campaign for a local family in need. Can you help me spread the word, please? Thank you very very much!

Here is the article in question and here is my first report. Thanks again, you are a dear.


Hey thanks for your comment. I am very behind on my work at the moment, and have not time to look into this further.....


You are welcome. Take your time.

I am counting on you :) Thanks!

This is so yummy. It looks like ice cream on another planet. At least that is my interpretation.

It would be nice to have actual cards like these that people can scan . Someone’s like what’s ur wallet address , “here take my card”


OMG yes, that's a great idea! There are definitely people already doing this, but I think it's def worth doing!!! Thanks for the idea!


I agree it would be awesome !!! No problem :)

hahahah yu's head is on paint fire! love this!

Have been studying and observing slothicorn for sometime now, I really love those painting, hoping to make a slothicorn using autodesk one day. And I hope it will be allowed


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Have been studying and observing slothicorn for sometime now, I really love those painting, hoping to make a slothicorn using autodesk one day. And I hope it will be allowed

that's tripppyyyyy. nice!

Nice painting, I love painting but I'm not an expert in it

This is really good, I love your art-work

Good art-work... I read about slothicorn but it's painful I can't participate. Im not good in art-work

Very creative drawing. You have talent. Good luck to you.

Очень креативный рисунок. У Вас талант. Удачи Вам.

The first picture makes me think of if I were to watch dragon ball z on LSD. Not that I know what that experience would be like but this scenario definitely spring to my mind with the bright vibrant reds and blues.

I guess sleep is worth giving up if you are able to make a masterpiece like this. It was great to check up on your blogs @stellabelle. It definitely has been a while! :)


funny you should mention LSD, because I am blessed with natural hallucinations, and never had to resort to LSD...

Innovative gesture commendable too
Have been studying about slothicorn for some time now. Really intrigued by the 'crypto art' thing.
Perhaps, Artists now have a clear voice in the crypto space

What an interesting job, that's what life is about. To be passionate about something. The hours of sleep recover. Creativity grows and appears in moments.

This is lovely. Your creativity is out of this world. Keep it up

Excellent work. I like the images in GIF format. I invite you to my blogs and to tell me about my work too.
I am not an artist like you but steemit has opened doors to me in many ways.


I especially like photos of different stages of work. Well, the forgoing sleep for the sake of inspiration - it deserves respect!
P.s. Cat has won my heart)))

I never knew you are into drawing all this while, I used to see the works of @alexandravert,but seeing yours too still make sense to me... Why can't I just have this talent now... Smile
I love art works, but I can't draw even an ugly image... Smile

the work is beautiful and very professioanl, im glad for that sucess , could you tell me the secret of all thoese upvots thats really impressive , im having a hard start i need some encouragment and i belive in this beautiful community

When art breathes and transpires, the result is a unique representation of the feeling that is experienced at the moment of creation.
Congratulations Stellabelle

whoa thats rad! nice stellabelle! #gnarly

This is impressive and it is so good to know you have found your hands on something else. How did the shoot go that day? Always cool to see you having fun.

This is Amaaaazingg OMG thank youu!! :3