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Main character of One Piece, Luffy.

Hello world!

This time I bring up this illustration that perhaps many will not be of interest but for me represents a lot, are years that I have spent seeing this anime so great and in honor of this I decided to illustrate one of his characters.

What's this anime about?

One Piece is the longest anime in the history of anime, Jejeje... oh yes? Yes, it has 843 chapters until today. It is a very entertaining series which revolves around the pirates and the search for the treasure that will turn them into King of the pirates who is creditor of the treasure "the One Piece ". Luffy is the main character who ate the fruit of the Devil Gomu Gomu, this gives the character a rubber body and little by little when entering the sea is training to become the most powerful pirate in the new world with his crew "the Mugiwaras ".

What is a devil's fruit?

It is a fruit (it is equal to an ordinary fruit) that when eaten gives you mysterious powers, it is said that they are fruits that are cursed. It gives great advantages to the user but not everything is good... Its disadvantage is that this character who possesses a fruit of the devil inside cannot swim because his body does not react to him, he becomes hypothetically a stone and sinks in the water.

Step by step

1-The first thing is to know what you are going to do and make schemas of proportion.


2-When you have ready the outline proceed to perform the shape of the character with the help of a pencil 3b or that you have at your fingertips.


3-Once done the two previous steps just keep detailing the character with the pen and if you're wrong, no matter, you can delete and try again, you must be deleting the excess lines to make the illustration more clear.

Let's pause at this point, as it is important that before you pass the drawing to bookmark you are sure that you like what you did, then there is no turning back!

If in your case is a "Yes ", we can continue with the tutorial.

If it is a "No ", the above steps must be revisited.

Marker on paper

4-having the phase to the pen ready, with the help of a marker (any maraca) outline all that line you did earlier, you can start where you like. When the outline is finished with a draft, it removes the lines that are with graphite.

It's not over yet!


These were the combinations I used for the application of the colors to the illustration.

Application of technique with crayons

5-In this case was started by skin, you can do as you like. The flesh-coloured crayon is applied in almost the whole leg, leaving blanks that then when combined with 2 other crayons (old pink and grey) will shade. You do this same procedure by the uncovered parts of the character's body.

6-We continue and is the turn of the outfit, the short has a mixture of 3 colors, blue sky, aquamarine (for the clear) and King Blues (for the shade). The sky blue color is applied by almost the whole surface, except for certain places where you want to give it shine (these leave them blank), once filling the short with the blue crayon, you make the shadows (preferably in the short sheets and in areas close to other P Body Arts) and we finish with the aquamarine to give that luminous touch.

7-This last step would be to color the jacket with the help of 3 crayons of different shades of red from the lightest to the darkest and with the help of Gray to have a result of shading, repeat the previous step but now with the jacket.

Greetings and thanks for reading the post.

Original image


Ooh I like this!

What is your next project?

Wow! Luffy!
I also love ONE PIECE! I have drawn a picture of Ace and Blackbeard!
Your picture like the original! Amazing!👍

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