My Sister's foray into Crytocollectible Art

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Today, I'm going to show you some of my sister's artwork and sculptures, as she's the real artist in the family !

She's given me authorization to upload 3 of her photographs to Superrare

Here are the 3 Photographies (serving as direct link to their Superrare tokens too, go make a bid ;) ) my sister has lend me so as to test if (or other crypto art marketplaces) would be interesting for her art:


This first one already sold for 0.1 Eth. You can still bid on it on the market and buy it from the new owner ;) (The artist gets a small fixed % of the sale prize in that case, and so does, whereas the first sale is 100% to the artist)



These are JPEGS, so a modest quality, but Superrare doesn't support the ultra high quality NEF files my sister gave me, so I had to improvise.

She tells me to say that anyone who acquires the artworks on, or who asks nicely, can get their hands on the NEF files, which are high quality enough to print big posters with

I guess that's an opening for a future blockchain project: A marketplace that supports the kind of high-quality photography files that would allow you to print the photo on a wall and have a high quality image XP

My sister's artwork

My sister, Marie, is the actual artist in the family (I'm supposed to be the scientist in the family... but I've been getting rather eclectic in my interests lately, with all the crypto-artwork and 3D designing I've been doing).

She holds a DNA (National Art Degree, in France) and is currently pursuing a DESMA degree (Diplôme d'Enseignement Supérieure en Media et Art, so a Master degree in Art) in a Beaux-Art school, which is the best kind of Art School in France.

She has lots of different areas of interest, ranging from Ceramics, Photography and Knitting to Writing and audio production, which she uses for her very ambitious and awesome master-plan:

Invent her own Civilization, along with it's own Language, writing system, culture, clothes, and everything that goes with it

She calls her people the Naffurians, and she's got a big book of notes on their language, culture, appearance, writing system... she's even got the phonetics of each word !

I can't properly describe her project myself, in all it's splendor, but one of these days (as soon as I can convince her and she has time) I'll try to get my sister to write up a small article on the complexities of her Naffurians and their world.

Most of her artwork and sculptures are available publicly on her instagram (she's also got some more organized information on her some of her projects on her old website, thought that is slightly outdated, as it doesn't have information on the latest projects).

Her Ceramics

La gonge des Astres non-Fondues

This is one of her recent projects that looks just fabulous !

Shots of the Sculptures in progress:

Finished Ceramics (baked and all)


some other ceramic sculptures she's made

My sister uses some interesting techniques to develop the forms of her new ceramics. From 3D modeling to paper constructs:

Reworking the final form of a sculpture due to structural instability:
There's no failures, just new challenges :)

Birdie :

She's got one or two other sculpting projects more, including creating her own ceramics buttons, most are documented through her instagram feed.


I'll include a couple of photos here that I myself find superb, but do go through her Instagram feed if you want to see all the others (there's a lot to see).

family dog taking a nap

The Naffurian projects

On her old website, my sister has a section dedicated to the Naffurients, her art-loving civilization.

From how she envisions their appearance:

To their language and alphabet:

She's got lots of other projects too, involving sound, performance art, image projection, ...

You can find a lot of her projects on the website, if you're curious :)

Last but not least, she's also made a book about the entire culture of the Naffurients.
She's only got it in Print PDF (the kind where there are margins for printing) as well as a single physical copy.

If you're interested in seeing the full contents of the book, do say so :)

Here are some translated excepts (The book is currently only available in French. a friend of ours has promised to translate it to English when she has the time):

I am working on an imaginary culture (that of the Naffurient people) whose language I have fabricated.
It is a sort of personal mythology.
An investigation of onomatopeia, myths and symbols.
My work on the Naffurients does not aim to illustrate their world, but to offer spaces, situations, performances and installations which encourage the viewers to tell themselves a story.

Naffurient is the name given to an island and the people who live there.
Physically, they are not unlike humans.
Politically, their civilisation is divided into five tribes in near equal proportion.
What makes them peculiar are their extravagant traditions, cultures and architecture. At a glance, the word which might jump out to describe them is “colour”.
Yellow stands out in particular; since their skin is naturally pigmented a bright, sunflower yellow.
The colours are also there for visual communication, and clanship, since each of the tribes has a favored colour.
Going back to the tribes — there are five, and while they make seem akin to each other in many ways,
we can pick out a few important differences.
Each one worships a divine animal, whose sacred colour symbolizes a way of thinking, and a dominant feeling around which their traditions, laws and religion are built.
The naffurient myths, their dictionary, and way of life…all of these are brought together and built upon in the book of the Naffurients.

Naffurient villages are a lot like naffurient clothes, it’s a kind of competition to see whose house is the most
extravagant, incredible or strangely fabulous.
Each tribe has their own quirk. For example, when it comes to Solbotebestins, it’s books, on books, on books;
balanced out with floors made of luminous rocks — some might even have walls of luminous rocks and books as floors, but books are a must for people of the mouse tribe.
The Limponoubo people build with light, and their buildings take on unimaginable shapes.
Their houses defy logic to such an extent that they often crumple due to their inherent instability (which happens
often), the rabbit tribe celebrates the number of days the building stood, rather than take it out on themselves.”
- p18 The energy comes from a stone.

That night, the bird had decided to kill love. He asked the
feather, wondering how to catch the wolf. The wolf was a
dreamer, which gave the bird an advantage, but he was so
fast that the bird couldn’t catch him.
The feather took the bird to the wall.
That night, the bird asked the beak if he could dig through
the wall of flowers. The bird had kept on through the
Wolf ’s kingdom. He now saw only flowers, fragile things?
But he was hurt by a flower, she defended herself with a
thorn, she had brothers and sisters.
The bird admired her strength and snatched her.
That night, the bird asked the flower how she could cause
pain when she was so weak. Was she a traitor of the
kingdom of love? How could he laugh as he suffered?
The bird threatened her.
The flower bloomed.
The bird loved the flower, and named her Ransianu. Her
beauty was so great that he forgot himself, forgot hatred,
and forgot his god. Without knowing it, the bird was
besotted with the wolf ’s ideals. He followed Ransianu
everywhere, he kissed her, bowed before her. The bird
submitted without even realising it.
The bird awoke.
Blind, he regained his sight. Ransianu had no more power
over the animal. The bird made love, and then hate to her.
He offered her a rare gift, a violence to thank her for her
lesson. He tore out her heart and gave it to his ideals.
That night, the bird killed love.”
- p28 - Mythodology

The language of the Naffurient people sounds like a celebration of onomatopoeia.
Their pronunciation is accented and absurd,
and they take great grammatical liberties.
The language is alive in the sense that it is easy for a Naffurient person to deform
or invent words to describe particular phenomena.
- p32 - The language

I hope you found this artist showcase for my sister interesting (and that she ends up having her own steemit account someday ;) ).

I can see lots of things she could write about (ceramics techniques, new photos, her current projects...), but it's up to her to decide if she wants to hold a blog or not XP

See you all around, and don't forget to buy some crypto-collectibles on ;)
(for the poorest amongst you, someone made an empty frame called "Ø" they're trading around for about a dollar's worth of Ethereum XP).


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