3 more Limited Edition collecible Artworks, and my fastest (and best) sale ever.

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Time for a couple more creations on superrare !

This time, I'm going to do a bit of a general overview of a weeks worth of collectibles, as I didn't write an article for every single one I created... and I didn't even have the time for one of them !

I created a couple of crypto-inspired pieces this week, but my favorite was this one:

I call it Abstract Summoning, as in "I summon thee Ether into my wallet with this abstract artwork" ;)

If you want it, you'll have to negotiate with someone other than me for once, as someone bought it for approx. 45$ worth of Ethereum 3 hours after I posted it on Friday !

I guess even Black Magic works better on the Internet, given the speed that summoning transferred Eth into my account !

I also created a couple of other artworks too, based on the concept of vision and eyes.

Don't ask.. I was inspired by a certain famous tower ;)

He Watches (What other title are you going to give a gigantic floating eyeball ?)

This one uses Sauron's Eye by Selrond on DeviantArt, and is my first use of the newly-unlocked HD Dream mode !

Old Eyes

Abstract Summoning Creative Process

As you can see on the artwork, it's got quite a nifty effect that makes it seem like it was made on a Canvas.



The creative process used Weavesilk for the background, heavily using 6 point symmetry and rapid movements to create the distinct straight lines that form the majority of the shape.

Each of the stars points contains a different non-symmetrical pattern I experimented with, to see how it'd look:



The Ethereum logo in the middle comes from the Junik Studios collection, which I've often used for my previous works.



The Deep Style I used was the following one, found in the "Popular Styles" tab of deepdreamgenerator


I honestly don't kow about the rights associated with this image.

Normally Deepdreamgenerator tells it's users not to use images they don't own as styles/for styling, but there's not exactly a verification system in place.

Given I only thought about this after creating and uploading the artwork, and it was bought in under 4 hours, I can't exactly retract it . (At the time I just assumed they were vetted for somehow, but I later joined a FB group dedicated to the website where I learned that a couple of members had problems with their style images being reused without their consent, so apparently it's a bit of a problem).

A Google Reverse Image search gave no results with the photo, and Alley Kats doesn't appear to be the artists signature either.


This reflection about respecting those that created the artwork in the first place, the annoyance of not being able to cite them for their work, and the desire not to be vilified in the future for profiting of someones work, even if just by putting it into an AI, has led me to begin creating a collection of CC0 images over on Pexels.

By creating a diverse set of images that are CC0, or CC but with an easy way to find the Authors name and allowance for commercial use, I'll have a lot more to work with, without having to wonder if what I'm working with is even in the public domain or can be used commercially.

As far as the Deep Style application went I used the HD Dream setting, with Resolution set to Max too !

Canvas effect:

The Canvas effect is available in GIMP under the following Menu:

Filters -> Artistic -> Apply Canvas...

and looks like this, with a nice preview:

Screenshot from 2018-07-27 13-15-06.png

He Watches

I love how this one turned out !!

inspiration and key content

I wanted to do a Sauron's Eye inspired artwork after seeing a Lord of the Rings meme (yes... that was my secret muse...)

So, first I needed a CC0 or CC version of Sauron's Eye to put in the middle of my artwork !

I searched a couple of places, and ended up finding something interesting over on DeviantArt

Wouldn't you agree this represents Saurons Eye quite well ?

He's even released it under CC-BY-SA 3.0, which works quite well for me, as DeepDreamGenerator.com makes all pieces created using their site release under CC-SA 4.0 (I don't know If I've mentioned this before, but every artwork I've done is under CC-BY-SA ;) )


After finding the keystone of my work, I proceeded to create a Weavesilk background I found acceptable for the piece, on which I carefully positioned parts of Selrond's Eye, using GIMP:

Deep Style

After that, it was just a matter of testing out a few different styles to find one I liked:

till I used this popular style someone had uploaded(again, the same comment as above in the first artwork on style images possibly not being free to use.):

Old Eyes

This one is rather simple, and I just used a CC0 icon of an Egyptian-style eye, as far as exterior elements go.

weavesilk with eyes

deep style

This one just used one of the default styles available on deepdreamgenerator, which I found acceptable

There we go, that pretty much sums up the last 3 pieces I made.

I've got another one planned, a 3D model I should be able to finish now that the lab is closed for 3 weeks (Still need to write my Internship report, prepare the presentation, work on the Ethereum Development course, and find a place to live in Bordeaux, but at least I can relax a little bit with my family too !).

All artwork and imagery represented in this post are released under Creative Commons.

The Sauron's Eye drawing is Selronds work, and released under CC-BY-SA 3.0

The artwork I created using DeepDreamGenerator are released under CC-BY-SA 4.0 (might as well go with the newest version)

The used styles are supposed to be freely usable, though recent discourse in the unofficial Facebook group points to the Style images being somewhat vague.

After re-reading the End User Agreement, there isn't any guarantees placed as to the rights associated with style images (Which leads me to personally believe the "popular styles" tab should be abolished on the site... or it should be possible to append a "free of rights / exclusive" tag when using one's own styles, so as to limit any legal/moral problems... but that's a whole other story).


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Muy bueno tu trabajo, te felicito


Gracias :)

Wonderful arts ! really enjoyed the Ether & Old Eyes !


Thanks :)

The Old Eyes one was a spur of the moment one, but the Ether one took quite a while to make, I'm happy you like them :)