🎨 Original technique - large abstract painting - "Universe 18-441" - watch details

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Specially manipulated acrylic colors, raw pigments, sprays and oil on canvas, 100x70x2cm, 2018.

These paintings reqires a special way of concentration, it is a meditative process and work with harmony and synchronicity. In my case it is also based on observation of events in parallel realities.

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I love some good abstract art! It frees the mind from logical thinking, sort of like meditation that you don't have to sit around in the lotus position to achieve. I wish Steemit wasn't so limiting to new account holders, I have a friend in Ohio who does work similar to this that you would probably dig but, he is unable to really post on here yet. Thanks for sharing! Resteemed!


Hello, thank you for comment. Meditation could be enywhere and whith doing everything. Creativity is very suitable. I think your friend does not need to have delegated steem from you, I see that he has as the beginner already delegated enough steem as every beginner. Possible to see it in is wallet. Thank you for resteeming and I am looking froward your friend is postong his artworks.

Really lovely ! This one feels like watching a frozen moment of exploding fireworks :D Very energetic and colourful !

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I've been watching your art for some time now, but this piece is truly extraordinary! I love those circular mandala-like shapes and the way they blend together in that network of whites. The color combinations are also mind-blowing. Great work!

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His wallpaper is some of the art he did. He hasn't started blogging yet. If I win that delegation contest, I will delegate to him my 60SP so he can interact with the blockchain and share his art too!

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Stands out really well! :) Harmonic vibrations for sure!

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