🎨 Original impasto nude painting - Nude - 19-296

in slothicorn •  last month

acrylic colors on canvas, 50x100x2cm, 2019.

I am comming back to my nude paintings. Now with my beloved impasto technique.

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Really nice, @jecminek! And a little unusual from you :) I like the rich colours of the skin tone that you used here, very warm and sensual :)

What an amazing piece of art. You captured the perfect arch in her back to accentuate her nipples. Your technique is stupendous. I checked out your website, it looks like you sell paintings very quickly. You must have a following. 🙏

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This is mind bloowwwing and a nice change from your infinitely detailed paintings :D You've accentuated her body quite well and I can also sense her emotions.

Loved it. Have a good day! :)

This is amazing, I am a huge fan of your abstract work, it looks like your a pro at nudes too :) I included this post in my weekly curation Ocean of Art