Doodle for upvote 3! [ animal + cryptocurrency ] - New dynamic and more prizes!

in slothicorn •  2 years ago 

The aim of doodle for upvote has landed in providing more and more creative commons cryptoart, there's a new dynamic for this weekend as well as more prizes! To incentivate the creation of cryptoart for the community.

This weekend's topic: Animals + Cryptocurrencies

You can draw a cat playing with ETH logo, a dog with a house made of BTC logo, a wolf with STEEM logo in the forehead... etc etc etc use your imagination!


  • Make a drawing/doodle related to the theme. The relation must be clear.
  • It must be a NEW drawing 100% made by you. (If I find the drawing posted somewhere else before today you will be disqualified)
  • It can be traditional or digital technique.
  • You must post the drawing directly in the comments. If you make a post it is ok to leave the link but don't forget to add the drawing itself.
  • Upvote and resteem this post to qualify.
  • If the doodle shows definitely no effort it won't qualify for any of the prizes.


If you make a post, use this tags: #cryptoart and #creativecommons. By using creativecommons tag you share your work for the community so they can use and modify it at free will. You can also use #slothicorn tag, make it the first if you want to be eligible for their upvote.

Also add the license properly like this:

Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

To make it look exactly as above, just copy this code:


<center><sup>Licensed under a [Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License](</sup></center>

Make sure to add the license in the bottom of your comment and your post!


I WILL UPVOTE YOUR COMMENT WITH THE ART. All the qualified entries with get a RANDOM UPVOTE from 1% to 70%. Right now at current STEEM prize and my current VP, a 70% upvote is worth $1.27.
All the qualified entries will get the random upvote. Using a more difficult technique doesn't guarantee a better upvote, all will be random, but you culd get the next prize.

1 SBD For the one I consider the one with best technique.

100% UPVOTE = $1.81 For the one that expresses better the concept of animal + cryptocurrencies, or more creative.

I will first close the contest for more entries and then give the random upvotes, before this post's payout so I can still vote =)

If you have any doubt leave it in the comments.

Feeling creative and lucky?

Thanks to @fulltimegeek for sponsoring this account!

Check the submissions for other weeks:

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Hi! ;3 I am going to participate in this!!



Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Please upvote and resteem this post n.n


You got 48%! Cheers!

thanks! :D

Really cool! I like your pixel art technique. Good idea for relating crypto with animals.

You got 38%! Nice!

Wow, that's awesome :)

Thank you for your entry! And also welcome to steemit!:)

Thanks :)

I am sorry, I was sick and missed this one too... actually i am still sick x_x, I will give you 100% upvote with the few SP I have left...

A cat playing with bitcoin. My entry

Please add the creative commons license in your comment and post :)

This was skipped from the first upvoting round. Please follow all the rules to qualify in next round!

Catoshi is a super cryptocat ... his full story is coming soon ;)

I am really sorry I was sick and missed this comment :( also I don't have my SP anymore, I will give you a 100% upvote.

I hope you get better soon :)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Meets the requirements! It is accepted! Wait for the upvoting round!

Thank you china yamada

You got 9%!

Is it because im black and arabes

hahahaah nope! it was random!

I suck at art so I will not participate but I will be happy to see what other people make!

Same here! Curious on what will be produced, but am not making anything myself most likely ;)

I hope we get cool entries ;)

Reesteemed!! <3

Thank you!

Wouuuu this gif fantastic how can i do it???

I think what slothicorn is doing is just fantastic. It made me really happy to publish my art and get support.

Yes!!! It is a great movement!


wooow .....
I really like master, that attracts everyone's attention, up vote post ....

hihih nice entry and great contest sharing! Thanks for the inspiration! I'll have a try :D

I will wait for it :)

Now I feel some pressure :-D I'll do my best as soon as I find an original Idea :) Thank you for the encouraging words! =)

Woohoo! Check the rules well to qualify :)

I want to know about the deadline for this contest. Thanks

I am not 100% sure but it could be on thursday. It must be before post payout so I am able to vote the comments.

Thanks for sharing