Anime painting taken as reference of the great artist @Minmonsta

in slothicorn •  10 months ago

Hello friend, after a few days without painting work, I bring you to this new opportunity a new anime painting illustrated by me. I drew this anime in about 5 hours. I have used different types of blue colors to give this special blue effect that you can appreciate below.

This beautiful anime, I've drawn it from the profile

Instagram @minmonsta

If you want to know more about their animes do not hesitate to visit it and be able to appreciate these magnificent illustrations.

Now without more to say, I will show you the realization of the anime step by step:

Thank you for visiting me and for letting me show you one of my specialties that is drawing animes.

I am @Enpalabras and I hope you comment, give me UpVote or give me a Resteem

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