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RE: [ES/EN] Demoniangel (Ilustración y proceso) / Demoniangel (Illustration and process)

in #slothicorn2 years ago

Sweet, very interesting piece. I love the play between angels and demons, but did the fallen actually become demons or were they a hybridization of angels and humans? Just food for thought.
I do like all of the various step by steps that I find on here. I just wish I had the talent to create such wonderful works of art, now it just needs a name and it's own song it would actually look great on an album cover. @lk666


We believe that they were fallen angels, because the combination of angels with humans would be very vain for the superiors that become the demons and / or angels. We had not noticed that it could resemble an album cover, however it seems to me very nice that you think so. thanks for commenting precious traveler ❤

It could be, as you say. I'm not 100% convinced either way. Much of what I think on the subject is very speculative, some of which is based on the book of Enoch.
Good journey to you as well.

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