Anticipated crypto-fan-art for sfeos game

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I am currently working very excited for a crypto game- sfeos, so I decided to post my progress of this artwork as I go. So far I have the 3 first layers, and hopefully this will give you some insight into my digital painting process, in photoshop - to make it a bit educational :P

This first 3 layers I work on separately- one at a time, but the next layers that I will add will be worked at, simultaneously.


Ugly sketch -first layer (normal blending mode) -50% opacity on the layer and on the brush

I hide this layer after the line art layer is ready

ugly sketch.jpg


Line art -second layer (normal blending mode) - full opacity

I work this layer second but after I am finished with it, I put it over the third and change the blending mode to multiply

sfeos capitan log line art.jpg


General value- third layer (normal blending mode) full opacity
As the first layer, ugly sketch, this one I will end up hiding in the end, it is more an informational layer for myself - so I establish my focus points, lighter areas - (face, skin, crystal ) , to be complemented by darker areas (costume, hair , background)

sfeos capitan log general values.jpg

Because this artwork is still in progress , I invite you to make suggestions and critiques in the comments sections, so details that you suggested might end up in the final result - not a promise :P

Next layers that I will add are:

4 -general color (overlay, blending mode)
5 - shadows grayscale (darken, blending mode)
6- shadows color (multiply, blending mode)
7- lights grayscale (lighten, blending mode)
8 - lights color (lighter color, blending mode)
9 - accents of light (color doge add, blending mode)

I will explain all about the future layers in a future post where the finished artwork will be too :)

If you wanna know more about this game here are some useful links:

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Hi, alexandrvart, very nice artwork you're producing there. Thing I noticed is the screens look like they are displaying the same info... last post of mine was an idea I threw out re: an EOS Go... Asteroid game. As a suggestion, might be fun to have a retro asteroid game running on one of the ships screens in the background.


this is such a great idea

I think it looks really good so far!

have you heard of the SteemPunk Net game on steemit? I wonder if these games will have a similar premise. I'll have to keep my eye on this game as well.

I heard about steempunk just a bit ,would have to search more, you can check the links and the site, it is very cool

We believe games are a serious way people will be drawn into the crypto-sphere. Look at CryptoKitties; The last I heard, 16% of all Ethereum transactions were around that one game. Yeah, it points out the limitations in terms of scaling, but it also shows that people care about games in a big way. Now imagine games that model what the real world could experience; Distributed Autonomous Communities who own the apps they are using, Smart contracts that leverage distributed ledger technologies for immutable (unchanging records of data) and distributed currencies that are not inflating at the whim of some centralized order. These technologies have, are, and will continue to change the world. This is an awesome time to be alive. It's going to be quite a ride because the powers that be, don't like losing control. I'm all in!

Your post is very nice

thank you

Wow! Definitely still a work in progress and this is a remarkable one. I can't wait to see how it turns out. Really nice Alex.

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This is AWESOME! We are so thankful for your continued support of SFEOS. I did a post on our team and mentioned that you were doing this for us. I'll link this post...

That broach would make a great EOS logo ;)

You always surpass my expectation