I really like watching the sun disappear behind the horizon.

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Hello dear friends Steemit! 

I really like watching the sun disappear behind the horizon. If the weather is cloudless, then the sky strikes with its beauty. All around is orange or pink. The streets gradually sink into the darkness.
During sunset it seems that the sun simply goes to sleep. He has been beaming all day, and now he needs to rest. But in reality, the sunset is the moment when the upper edge of the sun disappears beneath the horizon. The time of sunset is always very quiet and romantic.
The summer day is coming to an end. The sun slowly bends to the horizon. It is not so scorching and dazzling as in the daytime, but gently warms the warm evening rays.
It becomes quieter and quieter - nature stops. There is almost no sound of cars and noise of human voices. The disk of the sun acquires a bright orange color, and the closer it reaches the ground, the more it becomes. Now the sun gives out clouds in the sky from below, staining with gold.
When the sun touches the lower edge of the horizon, evening twilight begins. If there are many clouds in the sky, they will bloom with all the colors of the rainbow - from bright yellow to purple. On the other side of the sky appears a weak crescent moon.
A large orange sun says goodbye, slowly disappearing from sight. At first it seems that it moves very slowly, runs through the branches of trees and windows of houses, and then hides suddenly beyond the horizon. Twilight envelops the earth. And in the sky where the sun was hiding, for some time there is still a small glow.
Quickly it gets dark, and the first stars flash in the sky. The night is coming ... 

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sky is wonderful and your photos are perfect <3


many thanks!you draw beautifully)unusual creativity


thank you so much <3

I posted a lot of great posts, I would say a lot of great post. Thank you

Awesome @andrianna... Your clicks are too good... I like your photography

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thank you!where do you travel? the road seems so gloomy =)

wow beautiful sky view


thank you!


u welcome 😇

Truly amazing view dear @andrianna !


many thanks!beautiful butterfly. I like butterflies =)


Many thanks dear !

Very very beautiful Sky photo..really i love your photography...my dear andrianna


MAny thanks!!!by the way, you made very beautiful photos of butterflies. I like butterflies


Thank you so much...my dear andrianna...

the clouds are beautiful with the colors~!^u^ 0_0
The clouds are on fire. wonderful shot. ❤😊❤


thank you!as always a good photoshop. you are a master

Wow this clouds looks gorgeous in yellow...
Beautiful photograph friend...


thank you!very beautiful pictures of the beach. I would love to swim there =)

Beautiful sky color. nice shots my friend.


thank you! beautiful photo. I like this lonely boat


You are welcome my friend.

To be honest the feelings are indeed mutual

They sure are amazing moments indeed :)

Andriana name sounds like princess love your art always.