Upgrade Your Essay Writing Skills with This 9 Expert Tips

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Some people can write an essay without much effort and for others it can be like pulling out a nail. We are all very different and some people are better writers with a dash of creativity. Even if you do not fall into this bracket, you can still form part of the expert essay writers’ crew. It does take practice and creativity, but it can also be easily learned. Throughout your life, you are going to be required to write a few essays, so it is a skill you want to master early on.

If you are trying to upgrade your essay skills, there are some tips you can follow to increase your writing and structure capabilities. It does not matter where you find yourself with writing, the steps are the same for all. There are no shortcuts you or anyone else can take when you have a set amount of words to put onto paper. We all have to start at one point and end at another, but some essays are better than others. Here are the steps you can take that has been recommended by experts to help you write better essays.

1. Mind-blowing topic

At the heart of every great essay is an even better topic. It is something one should think about a bit deeper than we usually do. We are often more focused in researching facts and not so much on the one element that can make or break your work. A professional essay would comprise of a compelling topic which follows by great content. Putting more thought into this section and you will start seeing a difference.

2. Outline

It is often exciting to start a new essay and you might just want to dive right in. What you should do instead is create an outline of what you want the flow of your essay to be. When you don’t create an outline first, you’ll find that you might have no sequence to the way your write. Jumping around with facts can make your essay sound a little confusing. Include your beginning, middle and end. Then start filling in the blanks. It is a crucial step in creating a professional essay.

3. Statement

When writing an effective essay, you need to have a central outcome. This might be a little controversial or just facts based. Whichever route you chose to go with, make sure it is a compelling and believable statement. Even if yours puts some doubt in the mind of the reader, you need to be able to back that up. This statement is what you have been researching for and now it is time to prove yourself right. When you decide on this statement, make sure you have done your homework.

4. Introduction

Just as the topic took a little longer to decide on, you need to think about your introduction. You want to start with your most compelling fact or opening statement. This will be one of the first sentences the reader sees and it should intrigue them enough to continue to read. Make sure it is engaging and mind joggling. Include a profound quote or a story to make it more relatable. It’s best to use the best first, than leaving it for last.

5. Unique Writing Style

We all have our own personalities and the way you write can say a lot about you. Even if you believe that there is nothing unique about your writing, I guarantee you that it is. No one can write the way you do and you need to showcase that. Professional essay writers stick to their own style and so should you. Sometimes it takes a little longer to find your unique writing style, but done stop working on it.

6. Resources

You cannot prove anything if your resources are not credible. Your teacher will check to see if these resources are valid and up to date. Be careful when you include information into your essay from a source you are unsure of. If you want your thesis statement to be proven true, you want to back that up with facts that are also true. Academic resources are always a better place to start. It might be more advisable to go for a book in the library than trusting what you read on a blog.

7. Go beyond

In preparation to your essay, you will be given a reading list. These are the sources your teachers believe your information is hidden. Even though this is a great place to start, you can go beyond those limitations. In fact, you should go beyond. Look for more sources that can tie in with what your reading list is stating, or completely go against. This is your essay and you need to prove your thesis. You need to do what is necessary to gather all the facts.

8. Conclusion

Just as strong as you did your introduction, you want to end strong as well. The last sentence in your essay should conclude what you have been trying to prove, but also make the reader think afterwards. You should include a statement that is profound, but also concluding. It might seem easy to do, but to wrap up an entire essay is not always that easy. It does take some time to leave a lasting memory and this paragraph is your opportunity to do that.

9. No doubt

You have done all the hard work to get to this point and now it is time to start believing that you have done all you can. When you have written, proofread and edited your essay, it is time to accept it to be as good as it is going to get. Do not think about your essay after submitting it. It’s done and now you need to set any doubt out of your mind. If you follow the necessary steps and do proper research, your essay will be done well.

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