Steemit In Nigeria 3.

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Hello everyone greetings to y'all.

Today I bring to you good news from the crypto world.
Am sure you most have heard of Steemit In Nigeria (SIN). It all started with SIN1, then SIN2 and now it's SIN3.
We are on the third edition of the annual event in Nigeria which is Steemit In Nigeria 3.
I'm happy to say I was able to witness SIN2 last year and I must say it was a huge success.
This year, it's gonna be bigger, better and smashing than ever before.

The theme for this year is Gearing Nigerians for the blockchain/cryptocurrency space

As usual this is going to be the best ever blockchian event in the whole Nigeria, because I haven't seen were you can learn, gain, have fun and also go home with goodies if not from SIN3, (Have seen it happen).

The blockchian is always open to all individuals no matter what you specialize in. Even the traders and fashion designers are making it on the blockchian too. So this time around, we calling on the computer programmers, software developers, interface designers and others in the programming specialty to the Hackathon which is going to take place at the capital city of akwa ibom state (uyo).


The bounty price for the Hackathon is 200,000naira and other consolation prices to be won.

So what are you waiting for? Tell a friend to tell a friend and also your family/relatives too because you can't miss this.
We all looking forward to see who takes it home come August 2019.

Thanks to all those who made this possible (@ehiboss @donkeypong, @steemhunt, @ausbitbank, @wafrica, @demotruk and others too involved) for us, because not up to the quarter of the world population knows about cryptocurrency and blockchian. But here we are, we are among the few that knows and more are still coming on board to the crypto world with event like this.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

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