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Yeah... We remain one indivisible steemians here in Nigeria. The SIN2 event is the talk in town, every nooks and crannies the awareness is at the goal...... Lolz, never be left out. The SIN2 coming up live at the city of Abuja is going to be one of the biggest life transforming event ever witnessed in Nigeria. Are you a crypto enthusiastic or a rookie.... We are here to serve all kinds of people, everyone has something to offer. It's a one time opportunity, why not explore the steem chain in making something big this particular time. Talk show from different speakers all over Nigerian will be there lives to grace the occasion.


Registration is on going, get your sit booked down by visiting the website send a minimum of 2 steemt and get your sit reserved at Transcorp Hilton Hotel, Abuja.


steemit in Nigeria has been able to secure a partnership deal with some reputable telecommunication in Nigeria..... 💃 💃 💃, that sound interesting. That's not all, free internet Wi-Fi for all at the conference.....!👀 you know what that mean internet 24/7. Other programs in line..... Drumming :-suya night..... Hmmmm, yummy.... Movie night, Abuja Tour, Hackthon and lot more yet to be revealed.

Check out this amazing outfit for each community.Start your contribution now.... Towards the event, it's a must hooking!

30 Oct - 4 Nov be at Abuja for the SIN2 event. Shout-out to @donkeypong, @surfyogi, @demotruk, @ausbitbank for all their support.

**To the never tired crew of SIN2 more grease to your elbow and lastly to the publicity crew 😘 😘 😘..... Keep the awareness going. Below is the list of the community members.

  1. @jeaniepearl
  2. @oredebby
  3. @camzy
  4. @steve1122
  5. @bollutech
  6. @illuminatus
  7. @vheobong
  8. @williams-owb
  9. @olusolaemmanuel
  10. @jackdogho
  11. @uche-nna
  12. @mediahousent
  13. @ttopswag
  14. @mickyscofield

Let keep it a date to officially meet each other. My list is endless and you are one.

**Read all my post about SIN2 on steemit and Dlive

if it's not massive, then it is not awareness


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