Let's SIN In 25days : Will You SIN2? 🕒

in sin2 •  5 months ago


In my over two decades as an alien 👽 earthian, this will be my first time to SIN. Yes, it will be my first time to experience such euphoria that is associated to this annual event. It is 25DAYS to SIN2.

SIN2 is an annual event that brings STEEMIANS from the Nigerian community together, just like the elder brother #STEEMFEST. I am making a countdown post to help publicize the event.

To see more about the event, please tap/click the banner image below


You can also read my previous blog post on it here.


My Signout Message Is:

Where There Is a Will, There Will Be a Way.



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Let's SIN


I can't wait lol

Thanks for coming around bro