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With less that 50 days to go for the event which has been on a never ending journey, I just want to say somethings about steem that will enlighten us and shape the way we think.

What was almost everyone's first notion about steem?

People felt the only thing steem had to offer was just a blockchain based social media site which was meant to upstage facebook. Like some others, I almost fell for that train of thought, until I had one of those eureka moments.

Steem was not only designed for simply social media fanfare, it was designed for so much more, it was designed to be a game changer. I have realized that knowledge is indeed power and we should always learn to see beyond the surface.

Let us start from steemit, was it all the steem blockchain had to offer in the first place? No! This was like a test, the first of many as to not just what the blockchain can do, but how long it will sustain things effectively.

Everyone knows we're in beta but why is that? Was it simply designed to be that way or...

Here's an unconfirmed theory

Steemit is this way because it is like a "fore runner" for the greater things to come. That sounds vague so I'll break this down.
Even as a beta site, it still hold records for some life changing feats. Some months ago, the steem blockchain was almost desert like with just the promises of SMTs, a hardfork, hivemind and the steemit platform itself.

Fast forward to now, hardfork .20 is just days away and dates for the SMTs testnet and mainnet have been released.
Here's the thing; the steem blockchain was built for so much more than steemit iteself and now with so many dApps running around, it's only a matter of time before the trending page reflects what the future looks like.

I believe if we ever get to the alpha stage, the stakes will be higher, so much so that it wouldn't be just all about conventional blogging.
In this ecosystem, the rule of evolution is absolute; only the strong survives.

I prefer steem for a simple reason which is the way value is placed on ideas and interaction.
Without the both of them, you cannot really earn and survive.
Sure, there are flaws with the blockchain, no one ever said there were none. However, I know steem will stand the test of time.

Join us at SIN2 as we delve deeper into the world of dApps on the steem blockchain and so many other things.
To contribute to this great project, send your donations to the @leadent360 account on steemit.
Special shoutout to @donkeypong, @ausbitbank, @demotruk, @surfyogi among others (who we cannot list as this list will be endless) for their amazing contribution towards the success of this event.

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Very few will comprehend with this right now, you know why? This is like some motivational tips to them, the real fact is they want to see results so quick. But they have forgotten it is a process.
Anyways, I also believe that they need to be solid and well grounded in the basics of Steem blockchain before they can be steemhardcore to bones!


Preach on bro!

I see steemit as more of a deep root where thousands of other sites will draw their survival from. DApps are already up and am pretty sure more creatives are in the process of shoting more stars.

Steemit changed my life in January and won my unwavering loyalty. Long live the Steem Blockchain, long live SIN2 and its pioneers!

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