NUKEMAP 2.5 Drop The Bomb On your City !!

in simulator •  last year

Do you live on the outlying areas of a major city that you know in a hypathetical war scenareo were mutual assured nuclear destruction was very likely, your city would be targeted ? Well there is a simulation that uses google maps, in wich you can pick the size and yeld in Kilotons, that simulates a nuclear detonation. It also gives you some basic variable options like if the bomb is detonated in an airburst or on the ground. It celculates blast size radius. fallout radius and casualties. This Simulator was created by Alex Wellerstein in 2012 and hasbeen updated a few times with the latest version in 2017.

Have fun Nuking your city !!!

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If nuke my city it will vanished entire country :D


Oh my god it's a very powerful bomb
As for the picture is at the top of beauty
Especially fire color magnificence
thanks for participating
I appreciate your effort

Actualy I cant think about this...

Oh, yes, I would not like to actually test a nuclear explosion, but it is virtually possible to stimulate it. Thanks @stray for the suggestion.