#simplefoodContest #5: STEEMIT SIMPLE FOOD CONTEST: WIN 3 SBD in my food contest; Amateur cooks are welcome to try

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Sandwiches we had for breakfast today. We had stayed a few months without having sandwiches, these were delicious we had to make more.

Hello Foodies

I have been too busy the last two weeks I skipped this post as it should be always on Tuesday's. So without any other delays!!!

It is that time again!! Yaaaaay !! I am so excited to see what all of you have been cooking so here goes. I am running this contest again hoping this time to attract even more participants and get ideas of foods to prepare. Also encourage people to share cuisines from the areas they come from. Do not be afraid we are not judging master chefs here. We are having fun first and foremost. And you could win something or get more visibility by participating in this.
Are you up for this? Do you think you can create a simple to make and delicious meal?
I am looking for you. This is an easy contest

So What is in it for you on this Challenge?

For the food dish post that impresses me, have clear instructions making it easier for me to replicate. I will choose that person as the winner.

As a winner you win 1.5 SBD sent directly from my account. I received entries and I wasn't able to choose between them, so this time each food selected after the overall winner 0.5 SBD directly to their account. We will have a total of five recipes selected. The recipes will be featured in a winners post too.

How to join and the rules: Follow each to avoid disqualification

Upvote this post. I will check. If you do not upvote you get disqualified should you be the winner.
Follow me, for updates on upcoming posts on similar contest. I will also check this for the recipes I select.
Write your own food post and post the link in the comments below. Include a photo in your comment.
Include Clear photos in your blog. Lemme feel like I am right there looking at the food.
Clear ingredients, method and serving suggestions.
Use the tag #simplefoodcontest as one of your tags.
Include simplefoodcontest #5 in your title.
Grant me permission to use your posts images in my post to record winners.

How long will this contest run?

The final winner will be named after 7 days from today. Winners to be announced on Saturday Morning EAT.

Sponsors and supporters

At the moment I am the only sponsor for this food contest

Most importantly have fun with this competition and good luck

Thank you for visiting my blog. Join me next time for more.

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Congratulations. Hope to see you in the next contest

Ooppss! My first time of coming across a food contest. I wish I could enter my kitchen and participate in this contest right now. Hahaha.

Anyway, great job @mutitum.


You have until next week to submit something.

Would love to have you participate

Hy @mutitum how are you doing.
Am Batte Billy from uganda. I see you are tge biggest steemian in Kenya but u do not use the promo-steem tag.

You should this is the only tag were people are just giving vsts. We need to grw the E-African communitry of steemians


Noted. I thought I needed to use that only in promoting steemit.


Ya. We need to promote steemit in e-africa. If we can combine effort and make a big community of steemians then we can become big in africa. Like how the nigerians work with the Ghanaians.


I agree.

Oh, I lost track of this contest during the weeks when it wasn't happening. I'll get ready for the next one and invite more people :)


It goes up today. See you on the next one