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Today I didn't spend as much time in Steemit as I would had wished. I've been pondering about how the Steem blockchain has helped me take on sharing with the world again which is what I believe I'm here for. Prior to finding out about Steemit I was a bit more depressed daily, but I would still day dream of a site like this knowing it was possible to accomplish using blockchains. I'm glad people have put their money and time into creating this space, and though I've been meaning to write about it I also have been struggling with the words because for someone who is just doing research into this technology, coming to Steemit for the first time and finding a few posts about it can seem like they're trying to trick you into something. Getting paid for what you do elsewhere for free does sound too good to be true, but is not that simple, and if you don't have a Steemit account yet you should stick around to see what I mean. Steem is evolving, the promise is great. Today you get to be a part of the conversation, tomorrow you may only be able to learn about it from Blockchain Historians.

I've been telling @transbeauty that the dogs need to go out and take the sun, run, for their health. There's one of them that is going on 15 years so out of respect for his condition I let him out when I step out to smoke any time he wants. But her family also has a runner and there's no fence, that's another story though.

I thought we could all use some air so I invited her out and she finally listened to me and got all three dogs out, naturally the cat wasn't going to miss the party. That cat is very therapeutic for me because he likes people and even other animals, he can be a little too needy at times but that's another story. To give you a little preview into this one though, I could see how some cat breeds could be more social depending on the climate. A big cat doesn't need much protection from other creatures except us, but in cold climate we may be talking different business.

We sat outside for a few minutes and before we knew it there were two other doggie visitors from the neighbor next door. Their owner very kindly cut our grass today, I wanted to thank him and that's when we finally got to speak for the first time after a couple of months of me living here. He said he was 80 and I told him I could tell he had some experience and to let me know if he ever needed a hand, said he doesn't have experience but is a medic, worked in medical research for chemotherapy. That's all the words we really exchanged and that's good enough to me, where I was raised people speak way too much so I appreciate the change. The old couple next door are Canadian winter birds, that may be some of it, but in general people aren't as loud in America as in other places. There are places more quiet in the world, I'm sure, I imagine Japan to be one but I may be totally wrong.

It was pretty good news today finding out my gf listened to me on another thing and keep applying for jobs instead of waiting for replies. I can take care of us financially in the Caribbean but not in the US, we came back here so she could get a job more easily anyways. Not everyone can work behind a computer like me.

A lot more things happened today, but these are the ones I feel like remembering most.

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