in silverpornsaturday •  27 days ago 

What's up remaining stackers.


Time to drop some dirty pictures on y'all.

Gorgeous 1984 A-Mark



And the always cool John Wick round



There ya go you bunch of silver perverts.


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"remaining" stackers...Haaahahahahaha. Nice stuff E. I was just looking at my a-mark liberty round today.

Well, buddy, there's only a few left it seems. #teamcanada is literally just me, lol.

I've gone quiet, but not gone away. Nice haul champ🇨🇦🇨🇦

Oh shit! When I saw Elvis' comment I thought of you dude...and here you are!!

Hey buddy 👊😎. Glad you're still around. Most folks are gone it seems.

giphy (14).gif

were all still here but sleeping like the crew of the nostromo in alien \o/

Very cool! I especially like the John Wick round.😎

I really like it too. And it wasn't very expensive. So it's a decent round to buy for weight.


Nice round 💯🐒

A nice assortment of different silver and hard to pick a favorite out of the three.

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Silver perverts! 🤣😂🤣😂. My husband loves those John Wick movies.