Thinking About the Price of Precious Metals......😀


Silvertop has been thinking.......
Metal prices have been range bound for a while, so is it time to back the truck up, or sit back and wait for the spot price "Plus" premiums to come back down to Earth LOL🤔


So in light of this market, where the Local Coin Shops are either bare, or the markup is sky high, I thought I would show you guys the "Thinker"!😀


This photo is a bit hard to see, so I will give you the specs. on this heavyweight!


I looked everywhere, and the only online precious Metal dealer I found that had a listing for the "Millennium Thinker", was Apmex, and they are out of stock.........😇
This Silver round was minted with 24K Gold Gilded highlights, or completely Gilded.
My Silver round is the Highlighted Gilded version, and is numbered 0031, out of????
I searched and I could not find a minting on this round, if someone has that answer that would be awesome!!


This six Oz round came in on the Troy scale at 6.030 on the Obverse.


The flip side was also 6.030 troy Oz.....

So remember to do your own due diligence, like the Millennium Thinker.......
The LCS's are getting bare........
Silvertop Mike😀


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