Did you fill your boots?

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#Silver - Did you fill your boots?

These last few months have been absolutely crazy and as the Global Economy and Global Financial and Banking System continues to plunge into a Catastrophic Financial Crisis of Epic Proportion, the Performance of #Silver this year has been nothing more than spectacular.!!

With plenty more still to come, I guess it leaves me to ask those that are Investing "....did you fill your boots?"

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If you are on twitter, you may be interested in this quick poll.!!

Did you fill your boots?

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#Silver - Performance

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Good luck

Good luck to all those that filled their boots.!!

For those that may have missed this first jump, don't worry, there's plenty more still to come.!!

Thanks again for reading.



I have my stack next to me!....:)....

Very interesting everything published friend. you learn a lot from your posts.

It looks like it's a year of bitcoin, gold, and silver. I am new in investing(just 3 years of exp. in markets analysis) but I analyze and always try to learn the trend and I am seeing many people talking about it on Twitter since March 2020.

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