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in silver •  7 months ago

So I have gone on this Discord apparatus , reached out to @minnowsupport and had exactly ZERO success. They have blocked me without cause or any explanation and there is no recourse or remedy to address. All I know is I have poured every ounce of effort into this Steemit joint (as little as that may be worth to you ~~> @bullionstackers ) and transferred it to what can only be decribed as useless "STEEM". It cannot be readily converted to (useful monetary means atm) $USD and is ~imaginary~...) What was depicted here a here a year ago @ 25 SBD was $1500 and this ___ is sinking like a cold stone every single day toward nothing.


Pleaze upvote your support and support me in getting some answers to what cleary appears to be the latest in a wild trend of crypto~PONZI scheming . . .

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