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Silver from "down under" and "up north". Wildlife series from Australia and Canada featuring the sharks of the Pacific Ocean and the Predators of the Tundra Forests. Some attractive bullion to diversify or begin your collection. Minted by the Perth Mint and the Royal Canadian mint respectively. @clumsysilverdad for any questions or comments // peace

2016 Australia 1/2 oz Silver Tiger Shark BU .9999 Fine Silver
semi num 002.JPG

2015 Australia 1/2 oz Silver Great Hammerhead Shark BU .999 Fine Silver
semi num 001.JPG

2016 Canada 1 oz Silver Predator Series Cougar .9999 Fine Silver
semi num 004.JPG

2017 Canada 1 oz Silver Predator Series Lynx .9999 Fine Silver
semi num 003.JPG

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Thanks for sharing I love these rounds, curious what's next for the animal series.

I like that Cougar and the Lynx. I'm going to have to start searching for some silver from Australia. They look great.

Is their a lot of international bullion available in Australia, or would this be hard to find.

I'm in the US. On steemit, I've been seeing silver coins from Australia, Perth Mint. I generally see kookaburra and new kangaroo, but I've not seen these sharks.

in addition to the kookaburras and kangaroos, the koalas are produced every year too. very cute (-: there were only three sharks i believe, the other was a great white.

oh yes, the Perth Mint is very well respected, one of the best in the world i'm growing to understand, ty

I popped on a tube of the first sharks, and for some reason didn't follow up on the next two. They look great, maybe i should find some too.

You totally need the other sharks they are pretty cool.

yes, i might have to get the great white shark sometime too, that is the one I'm missing... actually i was reading more and the mintage was Great White Shark around 300,000 pieces, Great Hammerhead Shark coins mintage of 150,000 pieces... and Tiger Shark not sure

Oh cool. I didn't know there were less of the others. Maybe they were unpopular.

Dont get me started on collecting these too, i think i must of been a train spotter or something in a former life.
Nice coins, i'll have a look at the canadian wildlife series, how many are there to collect?

There's a birds of prey series too, and then there are other mammals going back to 2011 at least in 1 oz size.