The Silence of the Soul

in silence •  last year 

I only wish for a perfect silence,
so I write, I just want a silence of thought,
a silence of my voice,
I just need a silence without light,
the silence of the soul,
suicide in silence love,
suicide in silence the past,
suicide my dreams,
to see the birth of new dreams,
just a perfect silence.
In the silence of your soul hide the most beautiful secrets of your heart.

Silence is not the absence of sounds, it is a quiet state in which you can hear what moves within you more clearly

In silence we discover wonderful conversations that the word would not be able to pronounce.

In silent and quiet work the gifts of people become visible.

Open the sacred chest of your silence, share with me from what you are, from what you live, from what you cry and from where you rejoice... without words.

I will enter slowly, not to break the beauty you offer me through your silence...



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