Vegans unhealthy obsession with control and food!

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After being called a murdering rapist here is some good evidence Dodge people who espouse radical veganism are harming their Mental Health as well as physically harming the brain.

I absolutely died of laughter through this article because anytime you have an unhealthy diet you are going to impact your health.

Now I actually ran into a radical vegan and he decided to cop an attitude with me so I decided to blow his mind.

He said seeds are not life or alive. Plants do not feel pain and there existence it's not one that can feel pain or emotion.

Well I can tell you first-hand that plants are alive.

They can communicate and tell me when they need food and what kinds of foods they are deficient in or have extras of.

Plants also feel pain and will grow to avoid being hurt.

And a seed is an embryo which basically means that it is a baby. Or a fetus.

So basically to blow his mind I called him a plant fetus eater and reminded him let every single one of those seeds that he ate was a baby plant.

We must all kill to survive. Something must be sacrificed so that you can eat no matter which species you are on this planet.

You really should have seen the Meltdown in this guy's mind when he figured out that he was murdering thousands of baby plants for every meal......

Well anyway I would still love to have a conversation with my two favorite radical vegans.

As well as I have quite a few rainbow family you are extremely interested in having conversation with them.

And by the way I'm actually working on seeing if I can have some good family sign up on this website and show the world how we really do it.

Funny thing is I don't see any indigenous tribes here yet.

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Yes!! Some must die for others to Live; but it could be a part of the organism such that both giver and receiver lives mutualistically!!

I love your witty presentation of what seems controversial , but are truth!!

At least have some. Respect for your food. That's the main. Bitch i have with vegans. They are so selfish and self-centeredness that they have no respect for their food source let alone others..

And yeah baby plant fetus eater guy was crushed.

Who thinks a plant isn't alive? Or procreates?

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haha! Howdy sir ganjafarmer! that was brilliant. Surely think most vegans aren't like that one. I hope you can encourage more indigenous people to get on here. I read that only 10% of the reservations even have internet service so not many from them would be able to join us.

Yeah not much internet in the reservation...

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