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Justin enters to home with his girlfriend Bella , His mother was busy in the kitchen preparing some food. She felt excited to see beautiful couple, she kissed Bella and Justin on the head. Justin never told his mother about Bella thats why she was very excited.He introduced Bella to his mother. They were eating food in the dining room and having fun with each other, someone knocked at door. "I will open the door" Justin said. He went to towards the door and saw his brother Alvis is standing outside the Home. They met each other after many days. "Who is there" Mother asked to Justin, "Its Alvis" He said in a loud voice. Alvis joined them on the dining table. Alvis started to joke with Bella and Justin. Each one of them was very happy. Suddenly Alvis started to feel worry. Justin asked him what is wrong? Alvis passed a smile and went out of the home. Mother call Alvis but he ignored it. Justin heard Alvis crying. He quickly went out of the home and saw that a group of people beating Alvis Badly. Some of them are having knife in their hands. Justin jumped onto them and helped Alvis to move out of their hands. Alvis put his hands into the pocket and took out the Gun. He fired with gun each one of the enemy. Justin was surprised to see gun in the hands of Alvis. Justin took the Gun from Alvis and thrown it in the near Garbage. He pulled him back to the Home. Next Day Starts, Justin was struggling in the crowd to see his result on the list hanged on the wall of examination Hall in college. At the same time a Police officer enters to college and started to ask who is Justin? Justin came out of the crowd and said "i am Justin". Police officer Started to beat him in front of the crowd. Justin keep appologizing and asking to forgive him. Police officer did not listen him at all. Meanwhile Bella came running towards the crowd with her Parents. She Planned to introduce Justin to her Parents but whe she saw it is Justin who is lying down on the ground beaten by police , she kept quite and went back to home with killing all his emotions. Police arrested Justin and took him towards the prison van where his brother is already sitting arrested. They both are arrested and are kept in the same room in the Jail. "In which case you are arrested" Tony(another prison) asked to Justin and Alvis. Justin told him the whole story. Tony told them about rules in the Jail. They became friends in no time. An alarm rungs for asking all the prisoners to gather in food eating place. Justin, Alvis and their friend Tony started to eat meal. Someone came towards Them picking a knife in his hand. Justin and Alvis are unaware of it while Tony was Observing the situation. The unknown person tried to Kill Justin with knife but Tony pulled him down and knife attacked in the head of Alvis as he was sitting next to Justin. Justin was feeling feared. Next Day Starts, Bella Came to jail to meet Justin. They went emotional after watching each other. Bella told Justin about his marriage with someone else. Justin went Angry and ask her to go away. Bella came back to home and Got married with the person choosed by her parents. Justin wished to become more Powerfull. He asked for some Advise from Tony as Tony knows everything about Jail. Tony introduced Justin to an oldman prisoner in the Jail for Getting learn fight techniques. At first the Oldman denied to train Justin but on his assist and forcing, he agreed. Oldman gave him all his best fight techniques. Justin wanted to become fighting expert to take revenge from his enemies that gave Bribery to the policeman to arrest him as this ruined his student life and his future. In a few days of efforts, the oldman trained Justin fully. To test his skills, a fight was arranged in the jail. This fight was with the prisoner that killed his brother. To take his revenge he killed that killer of his brother Alvis. Everyone Started to feel fear from Justin as he was very Powerfull. Justin and Tony Decided to run from Jail because Justin felt discomfortable. Next day while digging the ground, they make themself ready to escape.At night, they managed to get keys and escaped out of the Jail. Police came to know about them but it was too late to capture them. Tony carried Justin in a Bear Bar. Where they danced and enjoyed bear for happy escaping from Jail. Later Justin Decided to make their Own Gang to fight with enemies and to make their own power in the city. Their first priority was to arrange more trusted people. Tonny introduced Justin with two more people . In this way They successful became a Gang. Justin was head of them. At the same time there were two other Gangs operating in the city. Justin decided to eradicate them and spread fear of their own gang in city. For this Purpose he met with the two gangs individually and created misunderstanding in them. He played a trick and took the Money from one gang to kill boss of the opposite Gang. Justin sucessfully eradicate one gang. Now his target was to kill other gang But that was not easy for him. One day Justin Met to Bella accidentially on the Bank of a river. They immediately pull each other in their hands. They went emotionally. Bella told him that his Husband is no more. Justin felt emotional for Bella and they are into love once again. Justin started to live with Bella in her home. They were both happy once again. On the other hand Police started to search for Justin and Tony. Police officer came to know that Justin is living with Bella so only Bella can help them to reach to Justin. Police Played trick. A police officer gave trust to Bella that if he did not told us about Justin. He must be killed by his enemies. And if he told us about him we will make sure his safety. Police was telling lie to Bella. Their Plan was encounter of Justin. Bella Called to Justin and asked him to met in front of the college where they were studied. Justin was completely unaware of the situation. Police alerted their team and asked to shoot Justin when he reached their. Justin came into a taxi watching Bella waiting for him. At first he observed everything, he felt all is good. As soon as he came out of the taxi , the police team started to shoot him. They killed Justin. Bella was surprised and lost her senses as she was tricked by the police. She started to cry, tears were flowing down to her face. She was regreting on his action.

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A story of love, suspense and action. Thank you very much for this entry to the contest, now I recommend you to use codes to justify the text of your story, that makes it look much better, I also recommend not to use images that have the website inside the photo, surely is to protect the author, for the dialogs use this "—".

Woohoo! It is a kind of tragic comedy, perhaps a chronicle.
I felt that I was in the middle of a movie, relating
with each character from the first seat in the room!
This story caught me from the beginning to the end, an apparent
love story that is evolving into a cruel murder ...
He has been really creative, leaving for the end a shocking outcome ...
The love between Bella and Justin shows that life is full of surprises!
Great job, I hope you get lucky in the challenge ...
Regards, @coolguy222