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I take pride in my freewrites. Not an arrogant or full of myself kind of pride, but more based on what my freewrites allow me to accomplish and how they entertain other people and make them think, hell, I've gotten some comments or direct messages telling me how my recent freewrite inspired then to write something or make a change in their life.

So, it's not a vanity driven pride, but a satisfactory on myself pride.

Some people are great painters; there are some others who code like demigods; I've met cooking experts who are just suprerb... And so on. Well, I write, and I like to think I'm good at it.

I'm not a professional writer, I think there's still a long path for me to walk through to become the best writer version of myself. But still, some people have told me that I have that Je ne se quois that catches their interest the moment they start reading my pieces, and that makes them finish reading them no matter how long they are.

Granted, I couldn't write a book - even though I'm on it, slowly, since the beginning of this year - and my grammar is not perfect. But man, you should've been around back when I wrote my adventure-traveling posts. Those make my current freewrites look like a kid's coloring book. Those were the days, even though my posts weren't getting as much rewards as I would've wanted them to, the Engagement and feedback they got on a regular basis was out of this world.

But enough about me, I said it would be a random freewrite and yet I've spent the last 4 paragraphs speaking about myself. How cocky, full of myself and egocentric I must be - you must be thinking.

Well, I think we should all be a little full of ourselves.

You know how they say, if you don't recognize and celebrate your awesomeness, then who will do it for you?

Nah mate, recognize and celebrate your strengths and learn to embrace and live with your weaknesses. When someone speaks about, let's say school, don't refer to yourself as oh, I'm not good at math, but talk about yourself as oh, yeah, I kick ass in history.

That's why some times I enjoy freewriting about myself even for a few paragraphs, because it's therapy for me. I lay off my back all the thoughts I have burdening me and that keep my mind busy and stressed and, at the same time, I take the chance to keep myself on track to where I am going and who I am. Of course I don't need to write who I am to know it, but we all need a little remainder every now and then. You know how some people talk to themselves in front of the mirror? Well, this is my version of talking to myself in the mirror.

Sometimes these freewrites are amazing, some others they are just meh, it all depends on how they evolve on my fingers and how my inspiration works as I read myself during them.

In most of them, I find smooth ways to connect topics between each other without the reader even noticing the jump in subjects and in some of them, like this one, I just can't seem to find links or connections to what I'm trying to write, and a few times I find myself staring at the screen with a blank look in my eyes thinking what the hell am I writing, and why don't I seem to put into words what I'm trying to think.

That's when the freewrite should end and you should declare yourself defeated by the freewrite. Right now, I can't seem to continue writing whereas most of the time I have to wrap it up or the piece will end up being too long and become tedious for a normal steemian to read, especially when I'm just rambling and talking about nothing.

So, I guess I'll read you later. I'll go back to curating awesome content and downvoting bidbot abusers with @ocdb while I'm still in the back of this car heading to the big city.


This post was originally posted in October 2019 and it's part of my initiative called showcase April, where I'll post the best content I've done over the past three years.


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