Shout Out Saturday #4? || Blog-Blog Menarik Minggu Ini

G'day Friends,

Since today is Saturday, you know what that means. Yep, Shout Out Saturday time! Initiated by @crazybgadventure and @shadowspub, I am loving #shoutoutsaturday as I get to share you awesome blogs out there, that really need your attention, should you havent crossed path yet.

As always, I will list 5 English speaking blogs and 5 Indonesian blogs.

Let's check them out, shall we?

Have you met @fiftysixnorth? He is amazeballs. His pictures are calendar worthy, and yes, he is a professional photographer with eyes for details. Check out this following blog of his where he isn't satisfied with his own work, while others see his work as masterpiece already. We are our own worst critics!


Have you heard of #ulog? A new project by @surpassinggoogle I believe. Well I learned about it from @mhel, and so far from the 200ish people I follow here on Steemit, only @mhel and @baby07 doing it. People blogging their daily life, from their morning routinity, time spent with families, various topics, even lunch, just like this following #ulog blog by @kennyroy. Hah! Interesting to know a fact about the Arabic people, they love peanuts apparently.


Feel lonely on Steemit? Yeah, that does tend to happen. Lots of users, different interface than Facebook, most are strangers to you. Don't know where to start? How to get noticed and involved? Learn from @mazzle's blog. Very worth to read if you are new to Steemit, or even if you aren't that new but still feel lost.


Do you like DIY projects? Head on @zen-art blog for making your own wooden counter. She is the queen of hand-made btw. Totally worth to bookmark!


If you are a follower, you might remember how quite a few times I mentioned that I live in area where bush fires are pretty common in Summer time. It can be so huge that we always have to get our emergency bags ready, just in case evacuation order is out. Come check @daywoo0311's blog on wild fire. More or less, this is what happening in the region where I live, yearly. Scary!


So spare a second or two and go check the blogs I listed and show some love and gain new friends 😉 See you next week again, with another 5 awesome finding.

this one.jpg

Find me on Discord, being friendly on #teamcanada, #teamaustralia, #thealliance, #vegansofsteemit, and helping new comers on #indonesia

Pagi teman!

Jumpa lagi di Sabtu ceria 😎

Setiap hari Sabtu, aku akan memilih 5 blog yang menarik perhatianku. Kalau teman2 ada waktu, yuk ditengok satu2 blog2 berikut ini

  • Ikutan bantuin ngumpulin donasi buat bangun sekolahan yuk. Masih banyak daerah di Indonesia yang sangat prihatin dan minim perhatian. Namun, seburuk kondisi yang masyarakatnya rasakan, semangat untuk tetap menempuh ilmu tidak pudar. Patut untuk kita acungi jempol dan tentunya turut membantu mereka-mereka yang masih mau belajar demi masa depan. Kalau teman ada lebihan SBD, bisa ikut sumbangan duit demi membangun sebuah sekolahan yang cerita lebih mendetilnya dan kemana menyumbangkan duitnya, bisa di baca di blognya @levycore, @taministy, @kemal13, dan @rismanrachman


  • Di tengok yuk blognya @akukamaruzzaman. Anak bungsu si akukamaruzzaman baru lulus2an sekolah TK. Yang menarik bagiku untuk ditengok selain cerita yg ditulis, yaitu baju daerah yang dipakai oleh para siswa-siswi, cakep bukan main. Dari kecil aku selalu suka akan baju-baju daerah 😉


  • Sayang yah pembangunan di Indonesia amat sangat belum merata meski kita sudah berganti banyak presiden. Bantuin @azharsigege untuk resteem blog dia yuk, mungkin bisa menarik perhatian pemerintah lokal/pusat agar dapat memberikan solusi, sehingga masyarakat Kecamatan Kaway XVI tidak jatuh sakit karena debu yang berlebihan, kecelakaan akibat banyaknya halangan dijalan, ataupun kesusahan jika musim hujan tiba.


  • Ikutan @annas58 jalan-jalan ke Gili Meno yuk. Ada informasi disertai foto2 yang cukup menarik, kalau kamu tertarik untuk berliburan ke Gili Meno.


  • Asiiik ada bayi baru di Steemit. Mari memberi selamat pada @saidqautsar karena ada tambahan anggota keluarga, bayi mungil, imuuuut banget, bikin aku pengin punya anak lagi 🤣


Oke deh. Itu dia 5 blog minggu ini yg bagiku menarik untuk ditengok 😉


Aktif membantu pendatang baru di channel #indonesia di MSP PAL Discord

Thanks For Looking!

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Oh, I guess I should go read that wildfire post. Gonna have to get my evac kit packed again when I get home. Hopefully we don't need to use it, but I feel a lot better when I'm prepared. Fabulous shout out! Have a wonderful weekend! 💖


I know im slow, but hey, weekend is here again, so its still fit to reply your comment 🤣

Postingan yang cukup hebat. Ternyata banyak juga postingan yang luar biasa. Terimakasih sudah berbagi. Moga saja kedepan postingan saya masuk dalam pantauan emak @thekitchenfairy hehee


Suatu hari pasti deh bos 👍

Terima kasih banyak for the shout out @thekitchenfairy :) You are so very generous with your praise :)


No worries. deserve to be mentioned always IMO as your works have the wow factor for sure, but i dont want ppl throwing me paper balls 😁


Aww thanks 😊

Awww, so nice of you to shout about me 💚 And such an honor to be among all those other great people and posts.


Am glad you think that way, i do pick the best among the best 😘

another great post by @thekitchefairy! no surprise there..thanks for helping fellow Steemians and the excellent recommendations!


My pleasure!

One day will be your turn too and hopefully it wil bring new followers to yours 😊

Thanks @thekitchenfairy for doing this. It really adds to the @thealliance and Steemit as well :)


Thanks Robert!

Come start doing #shoutoutsaturday too 😉

I'm pretty sure you should be able to put out a dumpster fire before it spreads XD Wildfire prep is always a good thing!



You are too cute 🤣


What how was that cute? O_O



I was talking about wildfire, but i did post dumpster fire as bitmoji doesnt have the moji wildfire 🤣 and you joked about the dumpster fire 🤣 i found that to be cute!!!

Amazeballs - bwahahahhaha!


Come on admit it, all balls are awe... wait what am i talking about here 🤔


Lmao you tell me, balls in your court😆😂

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