Like Any Sane Man Would

in shorts •  5 months ago

I couldn't understand why THEY didn't understand. I explained to them that I sank my teeth into the neck of one politician ripping out his jugular, and stuck my fingers into the brain through the eye holes of another politician, and kicked another in the face like it was a rugby ball. BECAUSE these politicians had tried to kill me.
I had proof. Their signatures. Their policies. The statistics. People dead. How they had come for me and I had to defend myself.
They said I was crazy, that I had mental health issues. That's when I realized that I was surrounded by crazy people living a statist illusion. I grabbed a baby for shield, before throwing it out a window as I made my escape like any sane man would.

Irish Writer, Poet, & Lover

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Tear down the oppressors with whatever means are at hand. those sane folks looking to reign in the crazy have had it coming for eons!

So sad what happens!

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